Monday, December 16, 2013

Winds of Salem by Melissa De La Cruz

This is the third book in the Witches of East End series. Freya is trapped in 1692 Salem.  She has no idea who she is, but she knows her name and her age. Freya gets a job as a maidservant with the Putnams.  This is right before the witch trials.
Everyone back in present day North Hampton are losing their powers.  Joanna and Norman are trying to figure out a way to get their daughter back. Ingrid is pouring over every book she can find to help Freya. She is almost risking her relationship with Matt. Freddie is off looking for his trident. Will Freya get back to the future?

Summary from the author's site:
Freya Beauchamp is trapped in 1692, in Salem of all places, with no recollection of her past. A powerful enemy spell has sent her spiraling away so that she is separated by centuries from her mother, Joanna, and sister, Ingrid. This is not good news for a twenty-first-century witch. Not to mention the immediate threat she faces from the wealthy and influential Putnam family. When little Annie Putnam is one of the first to make accusations of witchcraft, her landowner father jumps at the opportunity to consolidate his power and expand his holdings in Puritan Salem Town. If Freya is caught using magic, she will be forced to relive the witch trials, and this time, even her immortality is in question.
Meanwhile, twenty-first-century North Hampton has its own snares. Joanna and Norm consult the Oracle for advice, and Freddie and his pixie allies search for a missing totem that could reopen the passages of time and help bring his sister home. When Ingrid bumps into an old flame, she finds that her new love for Detective Matt Noble is in doubt.
Moving between past and present, Winds of Salem‘s dizzying plot twists and page-turning suspense is sure to bewitch fans old and new. 
For an excerpt, click here.
Pages: 306
Published: 2013

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