Friday, December 20, 2013

With This Ring by Amanda Quick

Beatrice Poole wants to know how her uncle died.  Apparently he spent all of his money on the Forbidden Rings of Aphrodite.  But they were not found. Uncle Reggie had promised to fund Cousin Arabella's season and give her a dowry.  There is no hope of a good marriage for her without it.
Beatrice goes to the Mad Monk - Lord Monkcrest for information.  He has knowledge of just what these rings are.  They are drawn to each other right away. Leo decides to help Beatrice's investigation.  They find trouble and love along the way.

I liked this book.  It's a fun read.  Beatrice was an unusual woman for her day. Leo was completely captivated by her!

Summary from Amazon:
Leo Drake, the "Mad Monk of Monkcrest," is notoriously eccentric and unquestionably reclusive.  But he is also a noted antiquities expert, which is why Beatrice Poole has demanded his reluctant assistance.

The freethinking authoress of "horrid novels," Beatrice is searching for the Forbidden Rings of Aphrodite, a mythic treasure she suspects played a role in her uncle's death.  Beatrice finds Leo every bit as fascinating as one of the heroes in her novels--and she's convinced he's the only one who can help her.  But after only five minutes in her company, Leo is sure he's never met a woman more infuriating...and more likely to rescue him from boredom.

Yet the alliance may well prove to be the biggest mistake of their lives.  For a villain lurks in London, waiting for the pair to unearth the Forbidden Rings--knowing that when they do, that day will be their last....

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Pages: 358
Published: 1998

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