Saturday, January 4, 2014

Christmas Mourning by Margaret Maron

Deborah and Dwight's first anniversary is looming. Things are going well with their new little family. Everyone is looking forward to Christmas.  But then a high school girl dies in a car accident.  But it turns out that it may be more than it seems.  Dwight is investigating.  Then a couple of murders happen, one of them is a high school student.  Why are all of these kids dying?  Can Dwight figure out what is happening before Christmas?

From the author:
t's Christmas in rural North Carolina's Colleton County. Sheriff's Deputy Dwight Bryant and his wife, Judge Deborah Knott, have propped his traditional pine tree in the living room. Christmas lights have been hung. Aunt Zell's famous fruitcake has arrived. Deborah can't wait to celebrate with Dwight, her stepson Cal, and all of her colorful relatives.
Then a tragic car wreck casts a dark cloud over the revelry. A beautiful young cheerleader dies in the crash and her community is devastated. But Dwight soon learns that the girl's death wasn't a simple accident. And more lives may be lost before Christmas Eve unless Deborah and Dwight find the killer—or killers.
Read an excerpt here.
Pages: 289
Published: 2010

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