Saturday, January 11, 2014

Gentle Spectrums 2014 - LIMITLESS PALLET

Welcome to the launch of a brand new reading theme!
I was excited to find ’challenges’ in 2012.  If flexible, they are fun scavenger hunts for our reading.  I wanted more of them, free of picky rules.  For the first time, I lay down my gauntlet and offer a pair of word games.  Choose A, B, or both!
Watch for on-the-spot activities throughout the year.
What is “Spectrum Spotlight”?

(1Post about your goal
* wherever you have a public website and link it to this page.
(2)  Enter your post URL, your name,
and letter of the activity you picked with the button below.
(3Review each book you read,
just a line to get an URL from Goodreads, Book Depository
* Not ‘facebook’.  If we can view Twitter, Pinterest…  without membership, great.
If need be, link your Goodreads profile and mark your progress via comments


Share any 10 books entitled with a colour.
You may repeat the colour spectrums;  even exact hues.
A different book title is a different book title!
Funky lipstick or paint shades might be a stretch.
Well-established hues are at your leisure:  maroon, jade, emerald…
My books are:


Anonymous said...

JoAnne, how sweet you are to join me in this group too! I can't wait to see which material you choose and hope you find this circle as flexible as I envisioned. My mind is already figuring out titles for yours, with glee. Sincerely, Carolyn.

Anonymous said...

Hi! I'm excited for our games to begin! I'll post an introduction and FAQ at RIEDEL Fascination but want to ensure my early ladies receive some info.
(1) You may count anything finished in the last day, if it isn't reviewed yet! :)
(2) I created a Goodreads group for "Gentle Spectrums", because our contests are photo-based. Warm it up with a "hello" any time.
Get ready to rumble! :) Carolyn

Anonymous said...

Our "Gentle Spectrums" review page is live! I mentioned you in our group. :)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on finishing part A! I watch all of the reviews coming in and could see, you or Angie would make an announcement very early into our game. I will post a higher choice of levels next year and as a matter of fact, considered raising the bar right away. I didn't know if that would create frustration or enjoyment. Consider this a home for extra colours despite being done. I'm eager to read "Hunter's Green" by Phyllis.

Now that we've been running 3 months, prize activities will get underway too. :-) I'd better tell you, as I had to alert Bev: "My Kind Of Mystery" has already been hiding a portal, with a higher rank. ;) Yours enthusiastically, Carolyn.