Saturday, January 4, 2014

Knitting Under the Influence by Claire LaZebnik

I really enjoyed this story about three women: Lucy, Sari and Kathleen. Lucy and Sari went to high school together. Lucy and Kathleen met at a party.  The three of them meet every Sunday to knit and enjoy being together. Lucy is a research scientist with a jerk for a boyfriend.  Hopefully she will trade him in for a better one! Sari works with autistic children. Her brother is autistic and was picked on in high school.  She meets a man with an autistic child at her clinic.  She remembers him from high school. The memories are not good ones, but she is attracted to him anyway. Kathleen is a triplet but her siblings are twins who are famous actresses (think Mary Kate and Ashley).  She feels left out.  Will she ever find someone to complete her? Sometimes one of them is in love and sometimes none.....but the ladies are together through thick and thin.

I did not read this summary before I pasted it. I am so glad I got the Olsen twins thing!!

From the author:
Three L.A. girlfriends keep it together with their Sunday morning knitting circle in LaZebnik’s sophomore warm-fuzzy (after Same as It Never Was). Charming, irresponsible Kathleen Winters is dependent on her identical twin sisters (semi-famous actresses reminiscent of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen) for a paycheck and a home. After drunkenly spilling family secrets to a reporter, she sets off in a turquoise Mini Cooper to find an apartment and job of her own. Meanwhile, scientific researcher Lucy Cameron questions her career and love life as her lab and her self-righteous boyfriend become the targets of animal rights activists. Sari Hill faces the deepest conflict of all when the same “good-looking asshole” who tortured her brother in high school shows up with his autistic son at the autism clinic where she works. Each young woman re-examines her beliefs as the knitting projects—a hot pink bikini, a midnight blue baby blanket, a sweater—pass by. The tangled paths to three satisfying resolutions are marked by hot sex, an adorable gray kitten and, above all else, girl talk. LaZebnik juggles periods of personal crisis while maintaining her characters’ complex individuality. Social knitters, especially, will relate to the bond that strengthens over the click-clack of the girls’ needles.

For an excerpt, click here.
Pages: 403
Published: 2006

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