Saturday, January 18, 2014

The Magnolia League by Katie Crouch

Alex grew up in a farm commune in Mendocino, CA. It's been a happy life until her mother dies in a car accident. Her grandmother sends for her. Alex has to go live in Savannah, GA. She has no choice. Alex is expected to be a member of a social club called the Magnolia Girls.  She does not fit in with her vintage clothing and dreads for hair.
The Magnolias rule Savannah society. Alex does not want to be part of this.  It goes against everything she was brought up to believe in. She feels something is not right.  What is it and what will she do when she finds out?

I liked this story a lot. I was excited to find out what the Magnolias were doing.  It was not what I expected!

From the publisher:
When her free-spirited mother dies in a tragic accident, sixteen-year-old Alexandria Lee is forced to leave her West Coast home and move in with a wealthy grandmother she's never known in Savannah, Georgia. By birth, Alex is a rightful if unwilling member of the Magnolia League-Savannah's long-standing debutante society. But white gloves and silk gowns are a far cry from the vintage t-shirts and torn jeans shorts she's used to.

Alex is the first in decades to question the Magnolia League's intentions, yet even she becomes entangled in their seductive world. The members enjoy youth, beauty and power...but at what cost? As Alex discovers a pact between the Magnolias and the Buzzards, a legendary hoodoo family, she discovers secrets-some deadly-hidden beneath the glossy Southern veneer.

New York Times bestselling author Katie Crouch's poignant and humorous voice shines in this enchanting and mysterious story about girls growing up in a magical Southern city.

Pages: 348
Published: 2011

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