Saturday, March 1, 2014

Dime Store Magic by Kelley Armstrong

The third book in the Otherworld series starts with Leah persuading Kristof Nast to help her get Savannah away from Paige. Paige is stunned to find out that Savannah's supposed father is a sorcerer. Witches and Sorcerers are not supposed to be able to have children together.  Nast is suing for custody. Paige needs help. The Coven won't help.  A young man named Lucas Cortez shows up to help but she is afraid to trust him because he is a sorcerer. All kinds of crazy people are surrounding Paige's home. Leah is hurting people. Will Savannah and Paige stay together? There is a lot of action in this story.

From the author:
Leader of the American Coven, guardian to the preteen daughter of a black witch … it’s not the lifestyle twenty-three year-old Paige Winterbourne imagined for herself, and it’s wreaking hell on her social life.
But she’s up to the challenge. When half-demon Leah O’Donnell returns to fight for custody of Savannah, Paige is ready.
She’s not as prepared for the team of supernaturals Leah brings with her, including a powerful sorcerer who claims to be Savannah’s father. Cut off from her friends, accused of witchcraft, Satanism, necromancy, murder…Paige quickly realizes that keeping Savannah could mean losing everything else. Has she finally found a battle she isn’t willing to fight?

Excerpts available:
Chapter One

Pages: 414
Published: 2004

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