Friday, May 30, 2014

Monthly Key Words for June

Here are the key words for June in the Monthly Key Word Challenge.  You only have to read one book whose title includes one or more of the key words for that month.  These are some of books that are available from my library.  My selections will have links to the reviews. 

I read 13 books last month (May). 


The color of hope by Madison, Susan

The color of death by Lowell, Elizabeth

Dreaming in color by Allen, Charlotte Vale 

True colors by Hannah, Kristin

Hearse of a different color by Cockey, Tim

True colors : a novel by Mortman, Doris


Beyond temptation by Jackson, Brenda

Beyond compare by Camp, Candace

Beyond summer by Wingate, Lisa

Beyond desire by Forster, Gwynne

Beyond the blonde by Flynn-Hui, Kathleen

Beyond the grave by Muller, Marcia


Day of the Dead by Jance, Judith A.

One day by Nicholls, David

Independence day by Ford, Richard


A place called freedom by Follett, Ken

A place called Rainwater by Garlock, Dorothy

A place to call home by Smith, Deborah

The hiding place by Harper, Karen

The only best place by Aarsen, Carolyne


Grave mistake by Marsh, Ngaio

A grave mistake by Cameron, Stella.

From cradle to grave by MacDonald, Patricia J.

Third grave dead ahead by Jones, Darynda.

Halfway to the grave by Frost, Jeaniene

One foot in the grave by Frost, Jeaniene


Road rage by Rendell, Ruth

Road dogs by Leonard, Elmore

The road to hell by Kessler, Jackie

The road to Cardinal Valley by Fowler, Earlene

The road to Paradise Island by Holt, Victoria

Rainshadow road by Kleypas, Lisa

River road by Johnson, Suzanne  

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