Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The Case of The Green-Eyed Sister by Erle Stanley Gardner

Sylvia Atwood has come to Perry for help.  Her father is being blackmailed.  He started his successful business with money that was lent by a friend, JJ Fritch. Supposedly, Fritch stole this money from a bank. Perry wants to hear the recording that the blackmailer, Brogan, has alluding to Mr. Bain's admission of knowing the money was stolen. Perry is figuring the family's way out of this when Sylvia stumbles onto Fritch's dead body in Brogan apartment. The police then arrest Sylvia's sister Hattie.  Who really committed this crime?
I enjoyed this book. I did not figure it out until the story revealed the killer! Sylvia was a shifty character! I liked how Della put her in her place once or twice!

From goodreads:
Perry Mason was retained to protect the interests of the Bain family, who were being blackmailed with an audio confession of a crime they didn't commit. Mason manages to erase the recording right out from under their nose, but then finds himself defending Hattie Bain on a murder charge.

Mason's courtroom dramatics hit a high note when he produces a theory which changes the time of death, and puts an witness with an seemingly unshakable alibi on the hot seat. Then the theory is collaborated with evidence overlooked by the police, and all hell is raised with the prosecutions theory of the case.

Pages: 212
Published: 1953

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