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The Consequences by Colette Freedman

This book picks up right where The Affair ended. But once again, I was bored by the repetition of three points of view. It was almost the same. But nothing really happens in this book. Stephanie goes to her parents for Christmas. Robert doesn't know where she is and is concerned. He lies to Kathy about it. A friend of his gets sick on Christmas and needs him. Stephanie tells Robert something important and comes back to Boston. Kathy figures out she is being lied to  - again! What were the consequences? I wanted some kind of show down between Robert and Kathy. Every time they started talking, it was put off until sometime later. I guess later is book #3.

From goodreads:
In the riveting follow-up to her acclaimed debut novel, Colette Freedman explores the aftermath of infidelity from three different perspectives--husband, wife, and mistress. The end of an affair may be only the beginning. . .

Over the course of one tumultuous Christmas Eve, Kathy Walker confirmed her suspicions about her husband's affair, confronted his mistress, Stephanie, and saved her marriage. She and Robert have eighteen years, two teenagers, and a film production business between them--plus a bond that Kathy has no intention of giving up on. Yet though Robert is contrite, Kathy can't quite silence her doubts.

While Robert reels from his wife's ultimatum and his mistress's rejection, Stephanie makes a discovery: she's pregnant. Her resolve to stay away from Robert wavers now that they could make a real family together. And in the days that follow, Stephanie, Robert, and Kathy must each reckon with the intricate realities of desire, the repercussions of betrayal, and the secrets that, once revealed, ripple through lives and relationships in thoroughly unexpected ways.

Tuesday, 24th December
Christmas Eve
As the car pulled up to the curb outside Logan’s Terminal C, Stephanie Burroughs leaned up toward the passenger’s seat, grabbing Izzie’s hand. “Thank you,” she whispered, her breath warm against her best friend’s ear. “I don’t know what I would have done without you.”
Izzie Wilson turned back to Stephanie. “You don’t have to go,” she said quickly, blinking away sudden tears. “You could stay with Dave and me over the holidays. You wouldn’t have to be alone.”
Stephanie shook her head. “What! And ruin your Christmas too? No, thanks. I’ve already decided: I’m going.”
As Dave got out and popped the trunk, Stephanie smiled conspiratorially. “Besides, I thought Mr. Romantic was going to propose at midnight tonight?”
“Ssssh!” Izzie pressed her fingers to Stephanie’s lips and glanced over her shoulder to where Dave was negotiating Stephanie’s large suitcase out of the trunk. He glanced up, spotted the two women looking at him and smiled his gap-toothed grin before he won the war with the Vuitton. They both saw him glance quickly at his watch. “He doesn’t think I know about tonight,” Izzie added, “though he’s done everything except update his Facebook status.”
“A Christmas Eve proposal is very romantic,” Stephanie reminded her.
“Just stay with us,” Izzie begged. “Please! I hate the thought of you leaving.”
“I’ll be fine,” Stephanie protested. “Thank you. I have to go; you know that. I want to go. I mean, I don’t want to spend another Christmas alone. I swore after last year that I’d never go through that again.”
A Boston cop tapped on the car window, motioning for them to move on.
“When will you be back?” Izzie watched Stephanie gather up her large purse and open the car door.
“I don’t know. I could only get a one-way ticket into Milwaukee. I’ll call you before the New Year.” She kissed her friend quickly, then jumped out of the car and collected her suitcase from Dave, gave him a quick peck on the cheek and wished him a Merry Christmas, before darting into the terminal.
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Pages: 306
Published: 2014

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