Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The End of Summer by Rosamunde Pilcher

Jane is the daughter of a famous writer, but they live in a shack on a beach in California.  She sometimes dreams of going back home to Scotland, her grandmother and cousin, Sinclair. One day while her father is away in LA, a lawyer comes to visit.  David wants her to return to Scotland for a visit. Jane says she cannot go because someone is needed to look after her father. That same day her father returns from LA with a woman. Jane is a bit upset but decides to see if she can catch up with David and go to Scotland. Jane goes back home and her life is never the same.

I liked this book but once again I felt as if the romance was left out. Is it me?

From Hodder:
Sitting on a California beach at summer's end, Jane Marsh thinks back to her childhood at the estate called Elvie in a remote corner of Scotland. She remembers not only the heather-covered hills and the lonesome loch, but her grandmother . . . and, of course, Sinclair. She has secretly dreamed of marrying rakishly handsome Sinclair and settling at Elvie forever. Then an urgent visit from her grandmother's lawyer becomes the catalyst for her return to Scotland . . . Where waiting for her is passion, not gentle love, and the chilling realisation that she may be ready to wed the wrong man.

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Pages: 233
Published: 1971

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