Thursday, May 22, 2014

Three Times Lucky by Sheila Turnage

I absolutely loved this book!! Mo LoBeau is a sassy kid who is many things. She's an investigator, a waitress/cook, an orphan and a fantastic best friend. She was found floating down the river in a hurricane by the Colonel who lost his memory due to a car accident that occurred in the same hurricane. He took her in and helps raise her along with Miss Lana. Together they run a cafe in Tupelo Landing, NC. Mo knows they love her but she is still trying to find her "Upstream Mother".
One of the townspeople is found dead and a detective comes to town. Det. Joe Starr gets help with his case from Mo and her best friend Dale who happens to become a suspect in the murder of Mr. Jesse. Unfortunately her family is also caught up in the case and they are almost blown away by a hurricane! Mo figures out most of what happened and Starr sweeps in at the end and saves the day!

From the author:
Miss Moses LoBeau, rising sixth grader, has plans for the summer. To hang out with her best friend, Dale Earnhardt Johnson III and his dog Queen Elizabeth II. To help out in the eccentric cafĂ© run by the Colonel and Miss Lana, who took her in 11 years ago when a hurricane washed Mo into town. To continue her lifelong search for her Upstream Mother. And to research her own life story – which so far is one big fat mystery.
Mo’s summer looks sweet Until Detective Joe Starr shows up asking too many questions. And cranky old Mr. Jesse turns up dead. And Dale becomes the chief suspect in tiny Tupelo Landing’s first murder.
Can Mo’s life get any worse?
Yes. And it does. A kidnapping, a car crash, a bank robbery, a hurricane….. Mo and Dale set out to clear Dale’s name, solving the mysteries of their own lives in the process.

Fortunately, Mo’s always been lucky.

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Pages: 312
Published: 2012

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