Saturday, May 31, 2014

Walking on Air by Catherine Anderson

Gabriel Valance is a gunslinger. He gets killed on Christmas but when he wakes he is in a shack with two men arguing over him.  He finds out that they are the angels Gabriel and Michael. They have decided to give him a second chance if he will save one of three souls in Random, Co. They give him a month to get this done before he dies again.  Gabe decides on Nan Hoffman who happens to think that she murdered a man that tried to rape her eight years ago. Gabriel gets her to marry him by blackmailing her. As the days count down, Gabe falls in love with Nan and the town of Random.  He always wanted a family and a rewarding life but never had a chance to settle down because some man was always trying to be the one to gun him down.

I liked this book. It did not overwhelm you with the Christian message. It was a sweet story how Gabe made the family he always yearned for.

From the author:
Random, Colorado, is just another stop on the road for solitary gunslinger Gabriel Valance. Known for his drinking, gambling, and womanizing, he prefers to remain a stranger to anyone who crosses his path. But when an upstart gunslinger catches Gabe off guard and shoots him down, he regrets his empty, lonely life with his dying breath....
Golden-haired beauty Nancy Hoffman settled in Random after fleeing an abusive past. Caring for her younger sister and working in a hat shop help her to forge ahead, though she remains fearful and mistrustful of men—and marriage....
Their paths will cross when Gabe gets a second chance at life and a divine mission: to sweep Nancy off her feet, gain her trust, and convince her to believe in his love. And in doing so, the once-hardened cowboy may save himself....

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Pages: 424
Published: 2014

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