Friday, May 30, 2014

Wish You Were Here by Stewart O'Nan

I read this book to fulfill the last category in a challenge. I was bored.  I kept waiting for something to happen. But nothing did! The story follows a family taking a week's vacation at their vacation home which is about to be sold because the father died the year before. The mother, Emily was kind of a nasty, judgy person. Her two children, Kenneth and Margaret, were whiny, spineless people. Their children were strange! Awful!

From goodreads:
One year after the lingering death of family patriarch Henry Maxwell, his autocratic widow, Emily, invites her scattered family to spend a last vacation together at their Lake Chautauqua summer home, which she unilaterally has decided to sell after decades of ownership by the family. In August, three generations converge at the house, among them Henry's spinster sister, Arlene, a retired schoolteacher; Meg, the oldest daughter, whose "train wreck of a life" has encompassed alcoholism, financial disaster, and a recent divorce; and Ken, the distant, reserved younger child whose struggle to succeed as a freelance photographer has placed an added strain on his already complicated home life. Accompanying them are Ken's lonely, introspective wife, Lisa, and an assortment of children -- both Ken's and Meg's -- with issues and problems of their own.
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Pages: 517
Published: 2002

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