Sunday, May 25, 2014

Yellowstone Heart Song by Peggy L. Henderson

I got this one for free on amazon. I really liked it. Aimee Donovan is taking care of a man named Zach in the hospital where she works. He tells her that he can send her back in time 150 years to Yellowstone.  She loves to backpack there. So on a whim she gets a pack of stuff ready and he sends her back. She does not believe it worked. She needs to find her way to his son's cabin. Zach says he will come to his son's house in three months and send her back. Unfortunately, Aimee has a run in with a bear and accidentally falls over a cliff.
Daniel is at his place and his Indian brother Running Elk tells him of a crazy white woman he has been tracking. White women are a rarity in the wilderness. They go look for her. The men find her just in time and take her back to Daniel's cabin. He does not want a woman around especially a white one.  He had a bad time in Philadelphia with a white woman. But he eventually starts to respect and fall for Aimee. She is not like other women. She is interested in the wilderness and treats his Indian family very well.
What will happen when Zach comes back?

From goodreads:
Nurse and avid backpacker Aimee Donovan is offered the opportunity of a lifetime. She encounters a patient who tells her he can send her two hundred years into the past to spend three months in the rugged Yellowstone wilderness at the dawn of the mountain man era. The only requirement: she cannot tell anyone that she’s from the future.

How did a white woman suddenly appear in the remote Rocky Mountain wilderness? Trapper Daniel Osborne’s first instinct is to protect this mysterious and unconventional woman from the harsh realities of his mountains. While he fights his growing attraction to her, he is left frustrated by her lies and secrecy.

Daniel shows Aimee a side of Yellowstone she’s never experienced. She is torn between her feelings for him, and exposing a secret that will destroy everything he holds as truth. As her three months come to an end, she is faced with a dilemma: return to her own time, or stay with the man who opened her eyes to a whole new world. When the decision is made for her, both their lives will be changed forever.


Kindle Edition239 pages
Published January 2nd 2012

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