Monday, June 2, 2014

AMMP June Scavenger Hunt

Another scavenger hunt for me! I love these things!
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JUNE Scavenger Hunt
Date: June 1--June 30, 2014
Total: 20/20

1. beach Animal Magnetism by Jill Shalvis  p. 87 He was halfway to paradise, lying on a warm *BEACH* with a beer in one hand and the silky coconut-scented skin of a woman under the other.

2. sun Black Arts by Faith Hunter  p. 153 Her blood-master has agreed that she is to stand trial when she is located, and will be given to the *SUN* should she be found guilty.

3. sandwich Royal Street by Suzanne Johnson p. 198 A few restaurants had opened in Jefferson Parish, and anything that wasn't an MRE, a *SANDWICH*, or a protein bar sounded like Nirvana.

4. lawn chair Elysian Fields by Suzanne Johnson p. 168 He picked up the staff and handed it to me, and I followed him into the living room, watching as he stared at the cheap *LAWN CHAIR* parked in front of the TV.

5. water Royal Street by Suzanne Johnson  p.15 The orange-gold sunset illuminated a pair of white egrets splashing around the murky *WATER* and accentuated the fierce wild beauty of the place.

6. mermaid River Road by Suzanne Johnson  p. 40 In reading last night, I'd been surprised to learn that mers were aquatic werecreatures who could half-shift into a classic *MERMAID*/merman body, or shift fully into a fish.

7. rose Black Arts by Faith Hunter  p. 188 I tried to fierce down an instant flush, but it *ROSE* anyway, settling deep in my belly.

8. pearl Glitter Baby by Susan Elizabeth Phillips  p. 40 She wore *PEARL* button earrings and a string of cultured pearls she'd received for her sixteenth birthday because her parents didn't want to bother with a party.

9. wedding Glitter Baby by Susan Elizabeth Phillips p. 47 To Belinda's surprise, her *WEDDING* night didn't occur until the night of her wedding, a week after her meeting with Alexi in the Polo lounge.

10. bride Glitter Baby by Susan Elizabeth Phillips p. 49 You are my sweet *BRIDE*, then, come to please me.

11. groom Glitter Baby by Susan Elizabeth Phillips  p. 269 "So are you a friend of the bride or the *GROOM*?"

12. perfume Glitter Baby by Susan Elizabeth Phillips  p. 172 "Smelled your *PERFUME*." Fleur murmured, and then she was quiet.

13. flag Elysian Fields by Suzanne Johnson p. 270 The ships lay too far off shore for me to identify their *FLAGs*, but I'd bet they bore the colors of Cartagena, from whence Jean claimed his marque.

14. stars Black Arts by Faith Hunter p. 215 *STARS*, I thought.

15. stripes Elysian Fields by Suzanne Johnson  p. 172 I paused, staring at Attorney Gnome with his pin*STRIPEd* hat and scales of justice.

16. napkin Royal Street by Suzanne Johnson p. 52 I caught myself tearing a paper *NAPKIN* into a pile of tiny shreds.

17. father Black Arts by Faith Hunter  p. 70 EJ, unimpressed by his *FATHER's* size and attitude, raced to him, squealing.

18. boat Royal Street by Suzanne Johnson  p. 44 Once or twice I'd seen him talking to someone outside my field of vision - a trapped neighbor, probably, or one of the rescuers going around in *BOATS*.

19. birthday River Road by Suzanne Johnson  p. 43 Maybe I'd buy him an atlas for his 250th *BIRTHDAY*.

20. vacation River Road by Suzanne Johnson p. 68 The tip of the man's nose and one eyeball had taken a *VACATION*.

1. Must read more than 3 books.
2. Any genre except Children's Lit.
3. Items found in reading, not in title or on cover.
4. No more than 5 items per book.
5. In your post, list TITLE, PAGE #, and SENTENCE where the item can be found.
6. For non-fiction the caption texts are not allowed, however, anything within the main text or article would be allowed. 

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