Sunday, June 1, 2014

Murder By Mocha by Cleo Coyle

Madame has arranged for The Blend to team up with a product called Mocha Magic. She told Clare that Matt knew all about it and he really didn't. Clare doesn't like that they have not tried the product ahead of the launch.  She is already suspicious. One night Madame calls Clare for help. Alicia, Madame's old friend, has a dead man in her bed. Clare calls the Fish Squad.  Clare looks in the room, finds no body and sees a suspicious woman and chases her. But she loses the woman and ends up nabbing a burglar.  The police are happy with Clare. Alicia and Madame do not back Clare up.  What is going on?
Clare starts to learn about the Village.  It does not sound kosher to Clare. She needs to know more about Alicia. Then a woman in the group is murdered and of course Clare found her. Everything starts to go crazy then!  Does Clare and/or the police figure out what is happening?

I did not figure out who was doing this until the author told us.  I suspected another person. I enjoyed this story. It was suspenseful.

From the author:
Can coffee and chocolate heat up your love life? For Clare Cosi, the answer is murder. Village Blend beans are being used to create Mocha Magic, a coffee laced with an herbal aphrodisiac, to be sold exclusively on Aphrodite’s Village, a popular online community for women. But at the product’s launch party, one of Aphrodite’s “sisters” is killed. It appears someone wants control of the coffee’s secret formula—and will to kill to get it. 

For an excerpt:, click here.

Pages: 363
Published: 2011

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