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Hauntings of the American Civil War, 4th Qtr.

Hauntings of the American Civil War, 4th Qtr. from Wacky Reading Challenges from Goodreads
Date: 10/01/14 - 12/31/14


1. American Civil War: The American Civil War took place from April 1861 to May 1865, and was fought all across the US. Many say some of those areas are still haunted today. 
►Read  a Series #1. Filthy Beautiful Lies by Kendall Ryan

2. Gettysburg Hautings: Said to be the largest and bloodiest battle of the American Civil War, it took place over a three day period. Many have reported seeing spectral armies (some marching in step, others still fighting on the battle field), ghostly wails of orphans, ghostly sentinels and horsemen, etc.
►Read  a Series #2. Filthy Beautiful Love by Kendall Ryan

3. The Soldiers Orphanage: Opened by the widow of a soldier in the Union Army in Gettysburg, it is said to make even psychics too afraid to enter the cellar.
►Read  a Series/TBR #4. A Perfect Storm by Lori Foster

4. Herr Tavern: Another haunted location in Gettysburg, it was used as a Confederate Hospital. Four of the guest rooms are said to be haunted, and rooms are numbered so that there is no room #13.
►Read  a Series #3 . The Ultimate Millionaire by Susan Mallery

5. Battle of Antietam: Another one of the bloodiest battles of the American Civil War, it is home to a sunken road known as Bloody Lane - one of the most eerie places on the battlefield. Many believe the events of the past are still being re-played out there today.
►Read a book with the word 'Blood' or 'Bloody' in the title Blood Lust by Zoe Winters

6. Battle of Chickamauga Haunting: The "White Lady of Chickamauga" is said to be seen wandering the battlefield looking for her lost beau. The head of "Ol Green Eyes" reportedly drifts around the battle field looking for the rest of his body.
►Read a book with a woman on the cover Magic Burns by Ilona Andrews

7. Harper's Ferry Haunting: Harper's Ferry is said to be one of the most haunted places in America. John Brown's ghost, as well as the ghosts of others is said to haunt the Kennedy Farmhouse. John Brown is said to be heard pacing back and forth on the top two floors. Others have said the footsteps of a crowd of people can be heard going up the stairs. 
Read  a book by an author with  last name of  Brown Fat Tuesday by Sandra Brown

8. Fort Jackson Buras, Louisiana: This fort is reported haunted by the ghosts of civil war soldiers who died there.
►Read a book which has a soldier in the story Two of a Kind by Susan Mallery

9. Battle of Kolb's Creek Farm: A skirmish near Kennesaw Mountain, where an estimated 1,350 soldiers died. Residents there have reported seeing Civil War soldiers walking through their homes.
►Read  a book with the number 3 or 5 in the total number of pages 375 pages Blue Skies by Robyn Carr

10. Lincoln's Ghost: It has long been reported that Abraham Lincoln haunts the White House.
►Read  a Series #10. Just One Kiss by Susan Mallery

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