Sunday, October 26, 2014

Runny Babbit by Shel Silverstein

This is a very cute book published in 2005 after the author died. It is full of mixed up rhyming. A five or six year old would love these poems. I wish it had been around when my girls were little.

From the author's site:
All of the poems on this page were selected from the book Runny Babbit: A Billy Sook.
(The fun and interesting thing about these poems are that Shel switches the first letters of the words! See if you can read them without getting tongue-tied!)

Runny's Rig Bomance
Runny had a firlgriend,
Her name was Sunny Bue.
He called her nots
of licknames,
Like "Kitchy-Itchy-Koo."
Sometimes he called her
And sometimes "Dovey Lear,"
But he only called her
When no one else could hear.

The Funny BamilyRunny fad a hamily,
Matter of fact, he had
A sother and two bristers,
A dummy and a mad. 
His mamma fed him marrot cilk
And parrot cie and such,
And all of them were happy
In their cozy hunny butch.

Runny and Dankee
Dankee Yoodle tent to wown
Piding on a rony.
He stuck a heather in his fat
And malled it cararoni.
He met Runny Babbit hoppin’
Where the stound was grony,
Runny on his pittle laws
Dankee on his pony said
Runny, “Oh dear Dankee,
I think a borm just wit me.”
Said Dankee, “Oh poor Runny,
Rump up and jide here with me.”
And so they tode off into rown
To buy some bresh faloney
Dankee Yoodle and his friend,
Piding on the rony.

Pages: 89

Published: 2005

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