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The Arcana

The Arcana from Crazy Challenge Connection on Goodreads
Duration: Oct 01, 2014 - Mar 31, 2015

Halloween is here! And here's a challenge based on the two suits of the Tarot Deck. To finish, complete each task with a book that fits one of the options.

1. The FoolBeginnings, Spontaneity, Free spirit - 
Read the first book of a series The Substitute Millionaire by Susan Mallery

2. The MagicianPower, Action, Resourcefulness - 
Read a book dealing with politics. A Shiver of Light by Laurell K. Hamilton

3. High PriestessIntuition, Mystery, Subconscious mind -
Read a book with a female main character. Magic Burns by Ilona Andrews

4. EmpressFertility, Femininity, Abundance - 
Read a book with a woman on the cover -or- read a book with a main character who is a mother -One in a Million by Susan Mallery

5. EmperorAuthority, Father-figure, Solid foundation - 
Read  the next book from your favorite series. Nice Girls Don't Date Dead Men by Molly Harper

6. HeirophantReligion, Group identification, Conformity - 
Read  a book someone has recommended to you. Break the Sky by Nina Lane

7. LoversLove, Union, Choices - 
Read a book marked "Romance" on the main page -or- read a book where a wedding takes place The Ultimate Millionaire by Susan Mallery

8. ChariotWill power, Victory, Determination - 
Read  a book with an athlete main character Driven by K Bromberg

9. StrengthStrength, Courage, Patience - 
Read a book with a strong character Risky Business by Nora Roberts

10. HermitSoul-searching, Being alone, Inner guidance - 
Read a book where a character goes on a trip/vacation. Nice Girls Don't Live Forever by Molly Harper

11. Wheel of FortuneKarma, Life cycles, Destiny - 
Read a book with a circular object on the cover The Perfect Hope by Nora Roberts

12. JusticeJustice, Truth, Law - 
Read  a book with a truthful character. Nice Girls Don't Bite Their Neighbors by Molly Harper

13. Hanged ManSuspension, restriction, letting go - 
Read a book with a cliffhanger Filthy Beautiful Lies by Kendall Ryan

14. DeathEndings, Beginnings, Transition - 
Read the first book of a series Nice Girls Don't Have Fangs by Molly Harper

15. TemperanceBalance, Moderation, Patience - 
Read a book with the author's first or last name beginning with a letter in the word "YINYANG" The Next Always by Nora Roberts

16. DevilBondage, Sexuality, Addiction, Materialism - 
Read a book which deals with an addiction of some sort. When I Break (Boxed Set) by Kendall Ryan

17. TowerDisaster, Upheaval, Revelation - 
Read a book where something is revealed at the end. The Executive's Decision by Bernadette Marie

18. StarHope, Serenity - 
Read a book with the word "STAR" in the title The Star Attraction by Allison Sweeney

19. MoonIllusion, Fear, Anxiety - 
Read a book with the moon on the cover How to Flirt with a Naked Werewolf by Molly Harper

20. SunFun, Warmth, Positivity - 
Read  a book tagged "Humor" on the main page The Art of Seducing a Naked Werewolf by Molly Harper

21. JudgementJudgement, Rebirth, Inner calling - 
Read a book retelling an old story or book Pandora's Box by Alice Thompson

22. WorldCompletion, Accomplishment, Travel - 
Read  a book set in a country that you have not been to. Never Seduce a Scot by Maya Banks

23. Suit of CupsEmotion, Creativity, Fantasy, Imagination - 
Read a book marked "Fantasy" on the main page Darkfever by Karen Marie Moning

24. Suit of PentaclesWork, Business, Prosperity - 
Read a book with a rich character Fueled by K Bromberg

25. Suit of SwordsPower, Conflict, Hatred, Enemies - 
Read a book where the title begins with a letter in the word "POWER". Ever Since Eve by Pamela Browning

26. Suit of WandsPrimal energy, Spirituality, Intuition - 
Read  a book that has a character full of energy and enthusiasm. The Unexpected Millionaire by Susan Mallery


❖ If you want to participate in a challenge, sign up by posting at least a partial list of the challenge requirements. This gives us a post to link you to, which you can use to update your books as the challenge progresses. 

❖ Books must be at least 150 pages long (unless otherwise noted) and may only be used for one task in this challenge, but cross-challenge posting is encouraged.

❖ For each book you read, please post a link to the title and mention the author and the date you finished reading it. If a challenge task gives several options, make it clear which option you’ve chosen. If the task calls for an item/color on the cover, include a link to the book cover.* If it’s not obvious from the book title or cover, be sure to explain how your book fits the task. If you don’t, you won’t get credit for completing that task. 

❖ If you want the challenge moderator to verify those books as you post them, please copy/paste your update into a new message. If you do this while you still have the Edit window open, it will copy all of your formatting, etc. too. It will make it easier on the moderators if we won't have to scroll back through the entire thread looking for "message #15," or to follow links back to an original post.

❖ When you complete the challenge, please post your entire list as a new message to make it easier for everyone to see what you’ve read :) If you don’t repost your list, your name will not be added to the list of those who have completed the challenge. 

❖ Rereads are allowed, as long as you read the entire book and not just skim the best portions! :)

* If you don’t know how to post a link to the book title, cover or author, see the instructions HERE

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