Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The Indomitable Eve by Merry Farmer

Eve comes to Cold Springs, Montana to visit her sister Amelia. She is an actress. Some of the townsfolk think she is an unacceptable person. When Eve sees Amelia is pregnant again she is upset. Eve and Amelia had a nice childhood until their father died. Their mother did some horrible things to them. The ladies fight about the past and Eve's relationship with the town's minster, Mark. Eve and Mark fell in love very quickly. Amelia has a hard time accepting that it is real. Will they patch things up and be the family that each other desperately needs?

I really liked this story. Eve is a great character. I liked how the author made me feel as if I was back in the past and in Cold Springs. I could imagine it in my head as I read.

From the author:
The one thing Eve deLaurent has wished for in the two years since her sister, Amelia, was whisked away to America was to be a family again. But the tragedy that befell her once Amelia was gone has left her wounded, body and soul. Now, reunited with her sister, all Eve wants to do is run. Amelia’s new, happy life is a betrayal deeper than Eve can stand. She would leave and never look back, were it not for Mark Andrews.
As Cold Springs’s reverend, Mark is used to people confiding their darkest sins and looking to him for help. So when he sees the pain behind Eve’s mask of confidence, all he wants to do is help her. But Eve awakens a desire in him that reminds him that even a man of God is still a man. They seem to be everything the other wants and needs, but can the people of Cold Springs accept an actress in their pastor’s arms? Can they be together if bitter family betrayals keep Eve and Amelia at each other’s throats?
You’re only as strong as the loves that hold you together…
Chapter One
December, 1897
Train whistles were by far the most wistful sound man had yet created, Eve thought as she paced the station platform in Cold Springs, Montana. More so than the hollow clack of worn boots walking across a barren stage in an empty theater. She knew both sounds too well.
She turned her head to follow the shrill whistle as the train that had brought her to Cold Springs rattled away and on toward the mountains. She had no reason to be anxious, she told herself. The mountains were glorious in their snow-capped brilliance, the sun was bright in the sky, and the crisp December air surely made her cheeks as pink as a rose without a drop of rouge.
The stationhouse in front of her was festooned with boughs of holly and glittering decorations for Christmas. Indeed, the entire length of the street stretching away from the town was lined with garlands of pine and red bows and baubles. It was as quaint and welcoming a sight as she could have hoped for, far from the glittering lights and overdone sparkle of the cities she’d breezed through in the last two years, one after the other. It was far more welcoming than the giddy menace of London.
She clutched her carpetbag to her stomach and breathed in the cold clean air. There was no reason to feel worried at all.
Except that Amelia hadn’t been there to greet her.
She started across the emptying platform, searching for some way to make her acquaintance with the town her sister now called home.
“Excuse me.” She approached a tall man in uniform who stood near where the baggage had been unloaded. “Could you help me?”
The man glanced up. His businesslike frown blinked to a wide-eyed smile. A moment later his jaw dropped.
“Wait a minute,” he said. “I know you. You’re the Indomitable Lady Eve!”

Kindle Edition116 pages
Published December 18th 2013 by Merry Farmer LLC

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