Tuesday, November 4, 2014

The Tycoon's Revenge by Melody Anne

Baby for the Billionaire #1 I got this book for free on amazon. Jasmine and Derek are teenagers in love. They plan to run off and get married. But something happened and they ended up apart. Ten years later, Derek is a billionaire. He sees his chance for revenge against Jasmine and her father. He takes over their company. He sees Jasmine for the first time in ten years. He still wants her. They have a sexual encounter in his office.  But they try to work together. Then Derek finds out from angry ex-employee that Jasmine has a son. He thinks it's a toddler, but when he realizes that the boy is his son he goes to Jasmine's house. Jacob is at a sleepover. Derek and Jasmine spend the night together. Jacob comes home the next day and Derek tells him that he is his father. Jacob is so happy. Jasmine had told him that Derek was away on business and he would come home someday. Derek was stunned that she never told Jacob bad things about him. Derek decides that they should marry until Jacob is 18. Jacob shows Derek a wedding notebook that Jasmine made for her dream wedding. Jacob tells Derek that this is the wedding his mother should have. Derek says she will.
Derek and Jasmine fall in love during the wedding preparations but they still don't know what happened that day they were supposed to meet to run away. Will they have their happily ever after?

I liked this book. It was not what I expected from reading the title. I liked reading books by Melody Anne.

From the author:
The Tycoon’s Revenge is available as a free download at all major retailers.
Derek Titan has worked for years to get revenge for the girl who left him in the dust, or so he thought she had. Jasmine had been devistated when Derek walked away, and neither of them knew that her father had been the one to interfere thinking that Derek was not good enough for his daughter. Now Derek is a billionaire tycoon, and he has no qualms about taking what he deems is his.
Kindle EditionThird Edition283 pages
Published November 18th 2013 by Gossamer Publishing (first published September 7th 2011)

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