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Big Bad Wolf by Christine Warren

The Others #2
Graham is tired of the dating game. He finally noticed Missy at Dmitri and Regina's post wedding engagement party. Missy has lusted after him for months. Ava wants to fix Missy up again but Missy does not want to play Ava's sex fixes anymore. She sees her and as she flees the party she bumps into Graham, then runs off. He chases her and catches her. Graham says he wants her and Missy says yes. He throws her over his shoulder and runs to his place.
He thinks she smells so good and they have wild sex. He wants her again right away, then realizes that she is his mate. He convinces her to stay the weekend, which stretches into a  week because she doesn't have to teach because of Spring break.
But some things have come up with his pack. Graham's a werewolf and the pack Alpha. His idiot cousin wants control and is plotting against him. Missy gets tangled up in the struggle - although Graham can more than handle his cousin. Will the pack business keep Missy and Graham apart? Can Missy let herself believe that Graham really wants her?

I got sucked into this story right away and finished the book in a couple of hours. Loved it!!

From the author:
Graham Winters is a werewolf with a problem. His idiot cousin Curtis wants to take over as Alpha of the Silverback Clan because of an archaic Lupine tradition that says an unmated Lupine can't lead a pack. So what is Graham supposed to do? Pull a mate out of his hat? Where else will he find the perfect woman for him in time to thwart Curtis’s plans?

As it turns out, the answer is right under his nose.

Six months of unrequited lust for a playboy werewolf have gotten Missy Roper no closer to fulfilling her fantasy of becoming the love of Graham Winters’s life. But when her four best friends decide to dress her up for a blind date the night of Reggie and Misha’s engagement party, everything changes. Suddenly Graham is declaring his undying lust, the members of his pack are calling her Luna, and his cousin and rival are trying to kill her. Clearly, a little adventure can go a long way.
Now the question is whether Missy is willing to risk her heart and her life for a chance at finding out whether werewolves really do mate for life...

Graham saw the object of his unexpected lust spin around and race toward him as if the fires of hell licked at her heels. Clearly, he must have done something very good to earn this kind of reward. He couldn’t think what it might be, but he didn’t care. When Miss Sexy Ass flung herself headlong into his arms, he offered up a quick prayer of thanks and decided to worry about the particulars later.

He initially wrapped his arms around her to keep her from falling, but he pressed her closer and held on for a slightly less noble cause. She smelled amazing—sweet, and rich and edible—and she felt luscious pressed up against him, all soft and warm and deliciously rounded. The breasts flattened against his shirt, were surprisingly delicate compared to the generous rear he’d already drooled over, but their nipples beaded on contact, nudging his chest, and he reminded himself that size didn’t really matter. Not when he compared it to the importance of her killer ass, her mouthwatering scent, and the soft curve of her belly, which was currently pressed tight against his very appreciative groin. For all that, he could forgo the pleasures of a huge pair of tits and still consider himself a very lucky man.

He took a deep breath and felt the fit of his trousers tighten. God, no woman’s scent had ever gone to his head like this. He appreciated a female’s fragrance as much as the next Lupine, but normally, human women couldn’t grab his attention with a pair of pliers. They tended to smell like artificial chemicals and sterile soaps to his kind. Even when it wasn’t offensive, it wasn’t exactly compelling either. But this woman had him panting with nothing more than her luscious scent and her equally luscious curves.

“Well, well, well,” he murmured, and he could hear the lust vibrating in his tone. He hoped she wouldn’t be intimidated by it, because he doubted there was any way on earth he could have concealed it. “Where do you think you’re going in such a hurry, gorgeous? I was hoping you might decide to stay awhile. With me.”

He watched her head jerk up at his words and found himself looking into a pair of meltingly brown eyes the size and shape of china saucers. A man would have to be very careful not to get sucked down by the undertow he saw in those things. He ignored the vague sense of recognition he felt when he looked at her, because he felt certain they’d never met before. Graham was not the sort of man who forgot a figure like this woman sported. He’d been bored, not blind, but if he had his way, this woman would be relieving that boredom. At least for the night.

He smiled his most seductive smile, the one that made women melt and pant and compare him to a fallen angel, and loosened his grip enough to lean back. He looked down at her and patiently waited for her to respond to his pass. When she did respond, though, it wasn’t precisely what he’d expected.

“Um, excuse me,” she muttered, tearing her chocolaty gaze from his, ducking beneath his unsuspecting arms and darting behind him to let herself out the French doors.

“What the hell?” He scowled. No woman had ever turned down that kind of invitation from him.
Beside him, Logan laughed. “Never thought I’d see the day.” The other Lupine grinned. “The amazing Graham just struck out with a woman. And a human woman at that.”

Graham scowled, both at Logan’s taunting words and at the reminder that he’d gotten all tied up in knots over a woman from another species, no matter how good she smelled. What the hell was wrong with him?

He wasted about half a millisecond wondering about it before his instincts kicked him in the ass. He didn’t care if this woman was from another planet. He still wanted inside her. Badly.
Shooting Logan a sharp glare, he caught the door before it could swing closed behind Miss No-Time-to-Chat.

“That was only the first pitch,” he said. “Next one goes over the fence.”

Ignoring his friend’s snort, he disappeared through the doors and into the night, intent on pursuit and capture.

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Pages: 312
Published: 2009

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I enjoyed this series when I read it years ago. It is one that I wouldn't mind revisiting one day.