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Touch Me by Olivia Cunning

One Night With Sole Regret #4
This time out it's Owen's turn to find love. He was the fat kid growing up. The other kids picked on him. He only had one friend and that was Kellen, the poor kid. Who knew the would grow up to be hot rockers! Owen does not like women his age because they could not see past his weight. Now women only want him because he's famous.
He and Kellen go to a sex club in San Antonio. He sees a beautiful woman sitting by herself. Caitlyn is there to get some revenge on her ex for dumping her for a much much younger woman. She feels so unappealing. Owen goes over and talks to her. He brings her over to meet Kellen. They talk about sex  and go to a private room. Caitlyn is wonderful. Owen was wonderful.

They are made for each other. She doesn't feel beautiful. She was the geeky smart girl in high school. He still thinks of himself as the fat kid.
Will everything work out?

From the author:
He went there looking for a sure bet…

Sole Regret’s bassist, Owen Mitchell, is convinced that romance is for chumps. He’s only looking for a good time, and when he spots an attractive, older woman emitting men-suck vibes at a brand new sex club, he’s sure he’s found it.

She went there hoping to get over her ex-husband…

Successful business woman, Caitlyn Hanson, is still infuriated and hurt over her ex-husband’s affair with a much younger woman. She’s only looking to scrub his claim from her body by offering it to the first attractive man who shows her interest, and the young, hot stud, who just sat down at her table, will do quite nicely.

They never meant to get personal…

Caitlyn knows she’s not supposed to get attached to Owen just because he gives her body pleasure unlike any she’s ever known, but it’s her first one-night-stand and she can’t seem to keep her heart out of the equation. For once, Owen finds himself in the same conundrum. He likes Caitlyn too much to keep his heart at a safe distance, but will a mistake from Owen’s past drive her away forever?

Chapter One
Tonight, Owen’s band, Sole Regret, would perform in San Antonio. Tomorrow night? Houston, maybe. And then New Orleans. Or was it Beaumont? Owen wasn’t sure. The tour dates were starting to run together. He just got on the tour bus after the show and went wherever it took him. At least he knew they were still in his home state of Texas. He’d seen his family in Austin the night before, so some of his homesickness had abated. He loved touring with the guys, but his family had always been a tight-knit bunch, so he missed them when they weren’t tousling his hair as if he were a four-year-old and insisting he have another biscuit with his fried chicken.
Owen stood behind the main stage, watching the crew make last-minute adjustments to the fire fountains and spark cannons. The fans had no idea how much work went into setting up the stage so Sole Regret could play for a mere hour. No one ever cheered for the stagehands, but their crew’s hard work had paid off—the band would be live in less than five minutes. Owen appreciated all they did. He’d climbed out of bed that morning ready to hit the stage and without the crew, there wouldn’t be a stage.
While he waited, Owen wrapped his hand around the dog tags dangling from a chain around his neck, closed his eyes, and sent a silent prayer to his older brother, Chad, currently serving in Afghanistan. Be safe. Come home soon, soldier. Be safe.
Owen prayed the same words before every concert. His routine. As if the powers that be were more likely to hear his prayers right before he went onstage. As if the energy of Sole Regret’s fans made his pleas more noteworthy to Chad’s guardian angel. Owen imagined that particular angel worecombat boots and camouflage. And carried a big f**king gun. Chad’s angel of no mercy would keep him safe. Owen had faith.
Someone leaned against Owen’s arm, and Owen knew it was Kelly before he even opened his eyes.
Kelly’s mouth was set in a grim line, and his dark brown eyes held concern. If Owen hadn’t known Kelly as well as he knew himself, he’d have thought he was always serious and stern. Kelly did loosen up on occasion, but only around people he knew well.
The leather strap supporting Kelly’s cobalt-blue Les Paul guitar cut into his bare chest when he lifted a hand to give Owen’s shoulder a comforting squeeze.
“Heard from Chad lately?” Kelly asked.
Owen sometimes wondered if his best friend could read his mind.
“He’s supposed to Skype me tomorrow morning. Well, it will be night where he is.”
“Tell him I said hey,” Kelly said.
“Tell him yourself. I’m not your messenger boy.”
Owen knew Chad liked to see familiar faces. Not just family or his girlfriend or all the friends who were waiting for him in Austin, but Kelly too. Chad had been a big brother to both of them, mostly knocking their heads together when they were being insufferable idiots, but he’d also stepped into a protective role more than once. Kelly had done his part to lessen the bullying Owen had endured in high school, but occasionally Chad’s older, bigger fists had been necessary to get the point across.
Owen had plenty of friends now, but there had been a time when Kelly had been his only one. He was still Owen’s best friend. Always would be. As members of the same band, he and Kelly spent more time together than should be allowable by law. That hadn’t changed. Probably never would. But other things between them had changed in the past six months.

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Published April 19th 2013 by Smashwords (first published April 18th 2013)

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