Sunday, February 1, 2015

2015 February Scavenger Hunt

A Million More Pages discussion on goodreads

Total: 20/20

1. ARROW Random Acts of Crazy by Julia Kent  p. 267 The look he gave me felt like Cupid's arrow sliding right between my breasts.

2. PINK CLOTHING One Night of Sin by Elle Kennedy p. 4 html  “Pink panties,” he mumbled. 

3. VALENTINE Once Upon A Valentine's by Holly Jacobs p. 26 All that was the Valentine's Dance that Carly was in charge of.

4. PRESIDENT Once Upon A Valentine's by Holly Jacobs p. 12 The PTA President for the last three years.

5. GEORGE (Character) Once Upon A Valentine's by Holly Jacobs p. 142 I'm at George's having breakfast with Anderson.

6. FOOTPRINT Industrial Magic by Kelley Armstrong p. 418 There were several footprints in the hardening mud.

7. FAT Mai Tai'd Up by Alice Clayton p. 7 html ... but the inside was fat free and full of air and nothing. 
8. LENT Dark Desire by Emily Jane Trent  p. 15 ... and stoic pose lent the impression....

9. FORTY Mai Tai'd Up by Alice Clayton p. 5 html  I was in denial about it until about forty-five minutes ago. 

10. ROBIN One Summer by JoAnn Ross p. 326 .... he'd probably get Robin.

11. ASH From This Moment On by Bella Andre  p. 7 html Because he had a knack of reducing her insides to a piles of ashes.

12. VIOLET Whispers in the Dark by Maya Banks p. 162 ..., but she definitely wasn't a shrinking violet.

13. PURE Industrial Magic by Kelley Armstrong p. 293 I learned that the purest form of evil ....

14. SUPER One Summer by JoAnn Ross p. 249 Super.

15. COUPLE Mai Tai'd Up by Alice Clayton p. 5 html  Good-looking couple

16. PEPPERMINT Random Acts of Fantasy by Julia Kent  p. 94 ...peach and peppermint liquer, ...

17. CHERRY Mai Tai'd Up by Alice Clayton p. 10 html ... and three fried cherry pies that I’d bought at a roadside stand. 

18. SHADOW Industrial Magic by Kelley Armstrong p. 236 ... wrapping it in shadow

19. HEART Industrial Magic by Kelley Armstrong p. 453 ... and felt his heart beating as strong as ever.

20. LOVE Mai Tai'd Up by Alice Clayton p. 10 html  “But are you in love with me?” I pushed. 

1. Must read more than 3 books.
2. NO Audiobooks, Children's, Manga, Fan Fiction, or Beta reads. 
3. Page minimums: All = 125 pp; YA = 140 pp 
4. Items found in reading, not in title or on cover.
5. No more than 5 items per book.
6. In your post, list TITLE, PAGE #, and SENTENCE where the item can be found.
7. For non-fiction the caption texts are not allowed, however, anything within the main text or article would be allowed. 
8. For e-readers, use LOC#.
9. Words not found will ROLLOVER to the next month.

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