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Choosing Charleston by T. Lynn Ocean

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Carly caught her husband with another woman and Robert filed for divorce right away. Weird..... So she decided to get away and go home to Charleston for a visit. She has not been home since they got married 10 months ago. Her grandmother is losing her mind. Robert's step-parents sold the land across the street from her father's hardware store to a developer who will be building a shopping center with a huge hardware store as the anchor. Her father will be put out of business. Then her sister shows up with her 3 kids and says she's left her husband. WOW!
Robert calls after a week and says for Carly to come home. He tells her that she was always working and he was lonely. So he slept with the neighbor. Not a good thing to say. Next thing you know Robert shows up and Granny tells him that Carly has been making out with some guy. The hot guy that fixed a flat for Carly who works for the company that's building the shopping center drops by the house to give an envelope for Carly's dad. Robert actually thinks that Carly and Trent are having an affair and he tries to attack Trent. What kind of idiot is Robert? Just because he cheated doesn't mean that Carly would.
Will Carly go back to Robert and New York? Or will we find out that Robert did something that will make the Stone family hate him more than they already do?  I think he did!

From the author:
Fleeing a lousy husband and chaotic northern life, Carly Stone needs to get out of town. Craving a major dose of her mamma's famous cooking and her daddy's upbeat life lessons, she heads to historic Charleston, SC.
While she's welcomed home with wide-open arms, she's shocked to find that things are much different than when she left a year ago. For starters, a land developer is erecting a building supply superstore that will surely put her family's small business out of business. Her wacky grandmother has moved in and keeps confusing her with her famous twin sister, Jenny. And to complicate matters, Carly is outrageously attracted to a construction worker when she should be figuring out how to save her marriage.

Prone on a chaise lounge and squinting through near-blinding rays of sunshine, I watched a bird effortlessly skim the surface of the ocean and tried to figure out what species it was. It had a dark body and a gold neck with a silver stripe, and it seemed to glide forever before it had to flap its wings for momentum. It went up and flew a spiral pattern, like a jet coming in for landing, as I sipped on a frozen coconut drink and wondered where my husband was.

He’d left to cash some travelers’ checks more than three hours ago. I’d called our room and checked the swimming pools. I even walked through the resort’s sports bar, where he might have been perched in front of a television screen to catch a ballgame score.

The bird suddenly tucked its wings and dove straight down, head first into the ocean. It resurfaced and bobbed in the water, swallowing the fish it had just captured. I realized the bird was a brown pelican and felt a flash of self-pity at not being able to share the moment with someone. The beaches of Belize were beautiful, but I was on my honeymoon and resented having to enjoy the beauty by myself.

“They are funny birds, no? Like dive bombers,” a dark-haired server said with a delightful accent. He replaced my empty plastic cup with a full one. The rim was garnished with a giant triangle of fresh pineapple, and he’d thoughtfully wrapped a paper napkin around the base before handing it to me. Like all workers at the resort, he wore casual shorts and brightly-colored shirt that made me think of happy music and steel drums. He had the whole ‘no worries’ thing down pat. His demeanor announced that life was good.

I thanked him and returned my attention to the sky, hoping that life with my new husband would be good. I clung to that positive thought even as a sour taste lingered at the back of my throat—despite the delightful fruity drink that slid down it. Two days ago, Robert arrived at our wedding with booze on his breath and a stain of some sort on his shirt – neither of which sat well with Mamma. He made up for his matrimonial faux pas by surprising me with a gold bracelet and airline tickets for our first vacation as husband and wife. But the destination was Belize; not the quaint resort I’d chosen in the Florida Keys. And now my man had disappeared on me, saying he was off to the bank to cash travelers checks. Which didn’t make sense because the hotel would cash a traveler’s check. The guest directory in our room said so. For that matter, there was a bank within walking distance. He could have gone and been back in ten minutes. Fifteen, tops.

The second rum-laced drink helped to ease the tight feeling in my stomach, and as I sprayed sunscreen across my shoulders, I decided that the apprehension I felt was postmarital jitters. It had to be. Walking down the aisle was both thrilling and scary, kind of like watching the pelican hurl itself into the water at breakneck speed. The bird had resurfaced, happily pointing its beak at the sky to swallow the small fish it had snagged. I imagined that I’d soon resurface from the odd, disconnected feeling that I was experiencing, basking in the glorious sun solo. Maybe my new life partner would bring me a fish to eat. A cooked one. Covered with a creamy butter and wine sauce and surrounded by some exotic fruit I couldn’t identify.

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Kindle Edition265 pages
Published October 22nd 2014

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