Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Designated Daughters by Margaret Maron

Deborah Knott #19
Deborah's Aunt Rachel is in the hospital. She is on her death bed. She is in and out of it. She starts talking about the day that one of her twin brothers died. Deborah's daddy and her Aunt Sister were sad remembering years ago. Aunt Rachel was also telling secrets but in a way that only the people involved would know who she was talking about.
Then Aunt Rachel died. She had been smothered. Who would kill a dying old woman? Dwight and Deborah are going to find out! They also found out what really happened to Rachel and Kezzie's brother Jacob. But who killed Aunt Rachel and why did they do it?

I got a little bored with the constant back and forth of trying to figure out who was visiting Rachel and when and if they had alibis. It got tedious. I really liked the story of the duck decoy!

From the author:
When Deborah Knott's terminally ill aunt, Rachel, is found smothered to death in her bed at a hospice center, all of her Colleton County kith and kin are shocked. Who kills a dying woman? As Deborah and her husband, Sheriff's Deputy Dwight Bryant, try to find Rachel's killer, they cross paths with the Designated Daughters, a support group for caregivers, not all of whom are women. Rachel's flamboyant daughter, Sally, is a member, and when a con artist cheats one of the group, they swing into action. They want more than just a shoulder to cry on-they want revenge.

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Pages: 308
Published: 2014

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