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Hold on Tight by Abbi Glines

Sea Breeze #8
Sienna was in high school and loved with Dustin Falco. But he got killed in a car accident and then she found out was pregnant. Her parents packed her off to Texas but six years later Sienna and her son Micah came home.
But back in high school, Dustin didn't treat her very well. He'd always been her best friend. His older brother Dewayne took care of her and protected her from the other boys. One day Dustin finally noticed how gorgeous Sienna was and told everyone she was his girl. Dewayne was crushed but pretended it didn't matter. Now that Sienna was back in Sea Breeze, Dewayne's feelings for her are front and center. She has feelings for him too but her relationship with Dustin is holding them both back. Can they be a couple or is the past always going to come back and stop them?

I always wondered about Dewayne. Now I love him after learning more about him!

From the author:
Dewayne Falco has been a fixture in Sea Breeze since his appearance in the very first book, Breathe. He always had the one-liners and smart remarks that made you laugh. But there was never any insight into his life. Other than being best friends with Marcus, Preston, and Rock all his life, you knew little else. Until now. In Hold on Tight, Dewayne’s past pain is brought front and center while he realizes not all was lost—and that there may be hope for him yet.

That night after I was tucked into bed and my thoughts drifted to fantasies of Dewayne (because this was the only time I allowed myself to mentally cheat on my boyfriend with his older brother), I heard the sirens. You didn’t hear sirens a lot in Sea Breeze. It was a small town, and rarely did the ambulances, police cars, and fire trucks have cause to run off to the same location. But the louder they got, the more serious I realized it was. Getting out of bed, I went to my window and looked down the road. I could hear them, but I couldn’t see them. All I knew was they were close.
The noise didn’t fade, but instead grew louder as more emergency vehicles joined in. I wrapped my blanket around me and sat down on my window seat to wait. I couldn’t sleep with all the noise, and I decided saying a prayer for whoever was the cause of this was important. My parents had raised me in church, and I completely believed in prayer.
Just as I closed my eyes my bedroom door opened, and I turned to see my mother standing there with a look of horror on her face. Was my dad home? I stood up as fear gripped me, and I met her gaze. “What’s wrong, Momma?” I asked. “Is Daddy here? He is, isn’t he?”
She nodded. “We’re all here,” she said, then put her hand on her heart and took a deep breath. “That’s not . . .” She stopped and closed her eyes. I let the blanket fall to the ground and started to go to her. She was scaring me.
“Momma, tell me what’s wrong,” I begged.
She lifted her eyes, and I saw the unshed tears shining in them. “It’s Dustin, sweetheart.”
“Dustin?” I asked, stopping and grabbing the first thing I could find to steady myself.
She nodded. “Your daddy just got off the phone with the pastor. He’s on his way to the Falcos’ now. Dustin wrapped his car around a tree,” she said, her voice trailing off.
He wrapped his car around a tree? How did he do that? I had just been with him two hours ago. “But is he okay?” I asked as the sirens continued to mock me. With all those emergency vehicles out there, how could he be okay?
Momma shook her head. “No, Sienna. He’s not okay. He’s . . . he’s gone, honey.”
Chapter One
Six years later . . .
I never expected to step foot in Sea Breeze, Alabama, again. When my parents had packed my bags and shipped me off to live in Fort Worth, Texas, with my mom’s sister, who I hardly knew, I had been told I would return to Sea Breeze after the baby was born. What I hadn’t been told was that they weren’t planning on my baby returning with me.

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ebook288 pages
Published June 3rd 2014 by Simon Pulse

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