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One Sweet Ride by Jaci Burton

Play by Play #6
Gray Preston is a race car driver/team owner which he built by himself. His father is a senator but they do not get along. His father sent Evelyn Hill to convince Gray to help him get the vice-presidential nomination. Gray refuses and Evelyn calls his mother who flies in to convince Gray to do it for her. He says he will help his mother. But Evelyn misunderstands and starts putting out press releases saying he's backing his father all the way. Gray gets angry.
Evelyn and Gray have a fling and she gets him to help with the campaign but along the way things change. Is it for the better?

Gray is a very lovable character but he was very hurt by his father when he was a teen.  He needs to heal from that. Being with Evelyn is good for him.

From the author:
To get what you want you have to move fast.
Gray Preston was born into money, but he's built his racing empire on hard work and muscle. Now, with millions of fans, his senator father sends one of his aides, Evelyn Hill, to elicit Gray's help in garnering votes for his upcoming national election. Gray wants nothing to do with his estranged father's campaign, but Evelyn can be pretty persuasive. She's willing to learn about racing, and maybe even get a little dirty.
Evelyn's number-one goal is politics, which makes working with Gray difficult, because his only passion is fast cars. As she and Gray spend time together, he teaches her about the sport he loves, and she learns a lot about the man behind the wheel. The more she learns, the more she wants him. But any desire that threatens to derail the carefully laid plans for her future is a dangerous one.
With the passion Gray and Evelyn share running hotter than either imagined, one of them is going to have to compromise, or run the risk of losing more than their hearts.


Chapter One

There was nothing that got Gray Preston’s motor revving more than a well-running engine, a fast car crossing the finish line in first place, and a hot, willing woman waiting for him at the end of a great day.
Too bad a blown engine had sent his car into the wall three laps shy of the finish line in Michigan. He’d been in second place and coming up alongside his competitor in a hurry, certain he’d be able to wrestle first place from Cal McClusky before the checkered flag.
That dream had gone up in smoke. So had the hot woman, one Sheila Tinsdale, a frequent visitor to his trailer and his bed over the past month. Smoking hot, platinum blonde, and stacked, Sheila put no strings on him and liked sex as much as he did. She was damn near the perfect woman.
Unfortunately, Sheila also had her eye on McClusky, and she bedded winners. So when McClusky crossed the finish line and Gray hit the wall, Sheila hit McClusky’s trailer faster than Gray’s Chevy had spun out on turn three.
Not that he was surprised, and it hadn’t hurt his feelings. Much. He wasn’t emotionally invested in Sheila, and there were plenty more like her on the racing circuit.
So he had a big fat zero for today’s events. No win, a smashed-up car, and no consolation sex. Plus, he’d dropped two spots in the points race and had a disappointed crew to deal with. As the owner of two cars for Preston Racing, and the driver of car number fifty-three, responsibility weighed heavily on him.
It was his goal to make something of himself, especially since he’d broken away from his former owner and gone out on his own two years ago. He had a lot to prove—to himself, to his team, to his fans, and . . .
It probably didn’t do him any good to think about just how much he had to prove. And how much it would cost him, financially and otherwise, if he failed.
At least it was still early in the season. There was time to make up the ground he’d lost in today’s race.
He made his way to the team garage where his crew was busy, their heads under the hood of his car.
His crew chief lifted his head. “That sucked today.”
Gray nodded at Ian Smart. He and Ian had been together since Gray had first climbed into a race car, before he’d ever gone pro. “Understatement. Oil temp was screaming high toward the end. I pushed it too hard. But damn—I was so close.”
As Gray leaned over and inspected the engine, Ian nudged him with his shoulder. “That’s what you gotta do to win the race, buddy. Nothing you can do about it. We’ll get ’em next time.”
Yeah. Next time. He knew all about loss. His father was a senator, so he’d grown up around campaigns, around strategies for winning, and what you did to regroup when you didn’t win.
Though his father rarely lost a race. He’d be disappointed in Gray’s performance today. That was if he ever bothered to watch him race, which Gray knew damn well he didn’t. Mitchell Preston wouldn’t be caught dead lowering himself to watch auto racing. He considered it a redneck sport and beneath him. His father was involved in a big election this year and was more interested in his own race—which Gray had no doubt his father would win.

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ebook263 pages
Published June 4th 2013 by Penguin Group (USA)

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