Monday, February 16, 2015

Stay With Me by Beverly Long

Sarah Jane Tremont is tired of her job. She is a social worker and feels like she cannot help anyone at all. So she quit. She decides to take a walk on the beach and somehow she is zapped back into 1888. She is lost,knows that she's not in California anymore but manages to find a cabin for help. The man does not seem to want her there but he calls her by name. Weird.
It turns out that she looks like his not so nice sister-in-law named Sarah Beckett. John hates her with his entire being. He cares for her injuries but tells her she is going on the next stage out of town.

But as he gets to know Sarah he develops feelings for her. She seems different than the woman he knew before. She is kind and helps his best friend cares for his children. Sarah has feelings for John too.
Will they be a couple? Will Sarah get back to her right time?

I really liked this story. I laughed when Sarah was using modern day language and the people misunderstood her!

From the author:
A Time Travel Romance

It’s a case of mistaken identity when Sarah Jane Tremont is swept off a California beach and tossed more than a hundred years back to 1888 Wyoming Territory, onto John Beckett’s doorstep. He has her confused with his former sister-in-law, the woman he believes responsible for his brother’s death. Can Sarah convince the handsome rancher of the truth? Can he convince her to stay in his time?

Present Day

“You can’t just quit.”

Sarah Jane Tremont smiled at Melody, the woman who had been both her friend and her co-worker for the last six years. She walked across the office and grabbed her diplomas and her professional license off the wall.

“Actually, I can,” Sarah said, dropping the frames into the cardboard box, not caring when they scraped together.

With more care, she removed the remaining frame. She’d picked up the old black-and-white photo last year while walking through an antiques mall. Just a simple nine-by-seven print, it had stopped her in her tracks. It was a picture of a woman, sitting on a log, facing a campfire. Her back was to the camera, her long skirt touching the ground, her hair ribbons dancing in the wind. The photographer had captured the sun just as it slipped behind the mountains in the distance.

But what had captured Sarah had been the man. He stood off to the woman’s side, just a foot or so back. He had one leg propped on a tree stump and his lanky frame was bent over as he rested an elbow on his thigh. He watched the woman as she watched the fire.

The photographer had chosen an angle that offered just a hint of the man’s profile, just a peek at a strong chin. He wore a cowboy hat and a long coat. Sarah reached out and traced the man, letting her finger run down the length of his body. A tingle started in the tip of her finger and traveled across her hand, causing the hair on her arm to rise.

She yanked her hand back and rubbed her still tingling fingers together. They felt almost hot. She raised her hand toward her face and sniffed her fingers. She could smell the campfire, the burning evergreens.

“What the heck are you doing?” Melody asked.

Dreaming. “Nothing,” Sarah denied. Before she lost her nerve, she reached for the picture, careful to touch just the frame. She lifted it off the wall and gently laid it on top of the rest of her things.

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Ebook324 pages
Published November 12th 2012 (first published January 4th 2005)

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