Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Fractured by Elle Charles

Fractured #1
Free on Amazon. I LOVED this book. I read it in a few hours and had to buy the next in the series.

Kara grew up hard. Something bad happened on her 15th birthday. She was rescued by a man who made her feel safe for the first time in her short life. After she left the hospital she ran off to London.

Eight years later, she is living in a crappy apartment with a roommate that is hooking for cash. Her father starts hounding her for money. But her roommate spent the rent money on drugs. Samantha gets herself in some trouble one night and calls Kara for help. She runs to rescue Sam and meets Sloan. There was something about the man. He asks her out for dinner. She felt so good around him but she is scared. But she is more worried about Sam. He gets his driver to take them home. He also fixes her beat up car.
She runs into him again when she is working a party when she is filling in for Sam. She and Sam work for Marie, the woman that found Kara and gave her a place to live and a job eight years ago. Kara cannot resist him and she agrees to date him.
They become a couple but they have problems because each of them is keeping secrets - which is normal because they don't know each other long enough to trust. But Sam and her pimp, Deacon, cause problems for them. Why?
Sloan needs to tell his secrets but he doesn't. Kara is having a hard time because she has never had a relationship before and she is trying to deal with her memories from her childhood are coming back.

From goodreads:
How do you learn to remember, when you have forced yourself to forget? 

How do you learn to trust, when those who should have protected you failed? 

How do you learn to live, when you have spent almost a decade alone? 

How do you learn to love, when your heart has been shattered beyond repair? 

Eight years ago an act of violence destroyed a young woman’s faith in love and trust. 

Now she depends on no-one but herself. 

Kara Petersen’s life is virtually non-existent. Haunted by memories of the past, and events she can’t accurately remember, she’s living half a life inside a world she has created to keep herself safe from pain. 

Kara is invisible. 

A single phone call one fateful night changes everything. 

She meets Sloan Foster. 

Inexplicably drawn to the handsome, enigmatic and mysterious business man, who doesn’t like being told no, Kara not only finds herself fighting against the emotions he is invoking inside her, but also against her own better judgement. 

Forced to learn to love and trust again, in the face of uncertainty of the past, Kara is finding out more about herself than she ever thought possible, from a man who knows more than he should…. 

Read a preview here.

Pages: 325
Published: 2014

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