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Games Girls Play by Deanna Lee

I really enjoyed this story. It is an erotic romance but much more. Tara and her two best friends run a PR business. Someone is out to get them and some of their clients. The book is made up of three connecting novellas that tell the experience of each of these ladies, their men and the trouble that has found them. Will find out who is trying to do them in and why?  Do the ladies and their men find love?

From Random House:
In the 'man's world' of pro sports, PR wiz Tara Marcus ensures top athletes win off the field as well as on. But she and her colleagues are finding out that these hard bodies are ready to score anytime, anywhere... Tara makes it her business to work with women who know theirs, namely longtime friends Kristen Travis and Sonya Carson. As for pleasure, getting involved with clients is against the rules. So why is Tara letting a soccer star kick her libido into high gear...? Sex is a game Kristen plays very well. Still, when confronted with two scorching basketball players who are even hotter for her, she wonders if she can handle both. No need to worry: these boys are used to sharing the court... Sonya's about ready to call a permanent time-out on her lover, a gridiron giant who takes her place in his bed for granted. Time to break out the handcuffs and teach him a little lesson in giving it up for love... 


Chapter One

"Oh. My. God." I stared numbly at the television.
The phone started to ring as the reporter started to replay the video footage and I reached out for the phone. My hand connected with it and I dragged it to my ear. I swallowed hard as the replay of the video of my favorite client strutting out of a well-known BDSM club with not one but two women continued.
"Jesus H. Christ." Kristen Travis groaned in my ear. "Please say it's fake."
No. I knew the man well enough to know that it was him. Joshua Keller-every delicious inch of him encased in leather pants and a too-tight T-shirt-star soccer player, one of my mostly heavily endorsed clients, so James Bond British he practically gleamed in the sun, and much to my utter shock a sexual deviant.
I reached out and grabbed my DVR remote to record the footage. "Shit."
"Yeah." Kristen sighed. "Come on, Tara, what did we do to deserve this?"
"I don't know but my father was right. I should have gotten into corporate PR. It was a mistake specializing in athletes. Look at this crap!" I paused the recording when it centered on his face. "It's old."
"Unless he's shaved off his goatee this is old; at least six months."
Six months old. Yes, at least six months and we could manage that. Couldn't we? My company was entirely too new for me to fail at handling such a public display of bad judgment on the part of one of my biggest clients. Sure, Joshua had never been a choirboy and when he'd come to Atlanta he'd brought with him a reputation for loud parties, indiscreet women, and barhopping.
"Yeah. You're right. He's very attached to the facial hair. I tried for three hours to get him to shave last week for that modeling gig. He outright refused."
I was glad; the look was dead sexy, and if I were right, it would certainly help defuse the situation that was quickly developing. "Has this hit national news yet?"
"No, but it's on the web so it's just a matter of time before we start getting phone calls asking for statements. Even if it's old, it's still brand-new news."
She was right and that presented a problem that I did not want to think about. Though getting one of my clients on a national news broadcast had appeal, one normally hoped for charity events, not innuendos of threesome sex and BDSM clubs.
"Did you have any idea he had ...?" Kristen paused. "How exactly can we spin it? I mean if he likes to tie up women and spank them ..."
I pursed my lips and glared at the television; the mere thought of him enjoying something like that had my pulse racing in a very different way. As sexy as the man was I'd never seriously considered hooking up with him because I'd figured he wouldn't be up for that kind of rough sex play.

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Pages: 249
Published: 2009

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