Thursday, March 19, 2015

Redwood Violet by Robin Mahle

Kate is a happy woman. She lives with her boyfriend Spencer and is helping her best friend plan her wedding. She has started getting terrible nightmares. These dreams are the same. She is in the forest running away from a man that is after her. She figures it's just stress but when they don't go away after Sam's wedding, Kate decides to go to a doctor.
Kate finds out from her parents that she had been abducted as a child. She was found at the side of a highway three days later. Now she knows why her parents are very close to her. But the dreams are not going away. Kate changes jobs and helps with crime victims. She starts working on a child abduction case.  Spencer thinks she is changing too much. He thinks that she should be concentrating only on their upcoming wedding.
Kate is determined to find out what happened to her and who did it. She finds out more. This is changing her view on life. She needs to see this through.

I liked this story a lot. Spencer is a jerk. Kate finds out she was kidnapped as a child and he wants her to just forget it. I don't think he really loves her. He loves the idea of her. He did not really sympathize with her. He was inconvenienced by her nightmares. I don't know if I would have changed jobs and gotten into all the crime stopping stuff though.

From the author:
Meet Katie Reid, an ardent young woman, living the quintessential Southern California life. That is, until the discovery of a painful secret buried deep in the nightmares that have haunted her for months. Katie looks to veteran detective, Marshall Avery for help.

Together, they fight a long and hard battle with the authorities to have her long-forgotten case reopened. But it isn't long before Spencer, Katie's fiance, begins to see changes in his beloved Katie. Her determination soon becomes an obsession and takes a toll on their once perfect life.Follow Katie as she takes you on a journey into a world mired in evil and lost innocence.

Part one in the series, Redwood Violet will take hold and keep you firmly in its grip!

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Pages: 224

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