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Sweet Surrender by Deanna Lee

Lauren gets a position with a museum as artist in residence. She is thrilled. But someone has broken into her hotel room and stole her underwear. Then she moves into a townhouse owned by the museum and someone breaks in. Is someone stalking her?  Is it because of her erotic art?
She is being protected by Connor Grant who she is very attracted to. He feels the same way. She goes out for a job one morning and is attacked in the park. The man keeps yelling the same phrase at her  - asking for a code. Everyone starts to wonder if there is something in the townhouse. Do they find something? Lauren is out shopping for art supplies and her bodyguard is shot. What is going on? She runs to Connor and he takes her to the country.  Then Lauren starts to figure things out. She had seen her attacker before. But where?

I loved this story. It kept you guessing and it was full of all kinds of action. There are other books in this series but the series has no name.

From the author:
Lauren Evans likes being known for her provocative and erotic artwork. She loves the challenge of capturing the beautiful lines of a naked body in oil and water colors. And occasionally she indulges in a modeling session that gets up close and sexual. But now someone is out to get her and she has only one person to turn to for protection–Connor Grant.
Connor is in charge of the art museum’s security and now he’s in charge of her. But that’s fine with Lauren. She’s ready to surrender. She can’t wait to strip down, lay back and savor all the sensual delights in his arsenal of carnal pleasure . . .

Chapter One

Lauren Evans was so very, very late. The rush across Boston had left her flustered, and her once perfectly contained hair now flew all over her head. The job at Holman Academy was the chance she needed to change her life—to make the move to Boston permanent. The last thing she wanted to do was stay in San Diego.
She had one successful show under her belt, and she hoped that after years of work, it was enough to give her a change of scenery. Her stomach tightened as she shoved more money than was necessary at the cabdriver and hopped out of the car, putting on the shoes she'd pulled off as she'd gratefully hauled herself into it fifteen minutes before.
Lauren pulled out the hairpins that had managed to stay in and shook out the too-long mess as she pulled open one of the double glass doors that led into the Holman Gallery. As soon as Lauren entered, a slim, dark-haired woman stepped forward with a wide, friendly grin.
"Your pictures don't do you justice," she stated, and held out a hand. "I'm Jane Tilwell. Welcome to Holman Gallery. Mercy sends her apologies for not being available today, but we've set up a lunch for you two tomorrow. You'll have to pardon the noise today—we have fifty fifth graders on the first floor breaking plates for an abstract mural we're going to put on the east wall of the building."
"That sounds great." Lauren allowed herself to be pulled through the gallery and up a set of stairs. "I've heard some great things about the student program the gallery runs with the city schools."
"It's my baby, so I'm proud of how well it's done. This session was supposed to be led by Lisa Brooks, but she's so very pregnant and her doctor put her on bed rest. So Shamus Montgomery is here today, and his idea of entertaining children involves safety goggles and throwing things." Jane cupped Lauren's elbow to guide her into a large office area. "Mr. Brooks, however, is on-site today, and we've set up a small conference room for a meeting. He's pretty excited to have you here, Ms. Evans. Your exhibit in LA was the talk of the art world for months, so, of course, we'd like to discuss a show at a later date."
Lauren managed to keep her mouth from dropping open. "I have fifteen paintings of a series I'm working on, but when my agent set up this appointment, I assumed it was an interview."
Jane paused and turned to her with a frown. "No, not an interview." She huffed out a breath. "I'm going to kill her."
"Kill who?"
"My ex-new assistant and probably Mr. Brooks, too. I had a great assistant—a fantastic assistant—but James Brooks kept bogarting her until finally he just kept her, and now I'm stuck with a series of twits from the university because it was my ultrabright idea to mentor."
Lauren bit her bottom lip to keep from laughing. "So, I'm not here for an interview."
"No, we"—she blushed—"we offered you a job, Ms. Evans. A two-year contract for the Holman Academy as the artist in residence and an opportunity to show once a year in the gallery."
The relief of that moment was so overwhelming that Lauren felt a little dizzy. "I ... wow ... really?"
Jane laughed. "Okay, let's go talk to Mr. Brooks, and we'll discuss the deal we thought we'd already made with you."
So, meeting James Brooks was sort of like what she thought meeting Thomas Crown would be like if he were real. All dark, hot, mean-looking, and loaded. What she knew about him made him even more attractive than his altogether too-pretty face. His dedication to charity work and his well-known love for his wife made James Brooks the kind of man she would love to work for.
"Twit the Fourth didn't send the job offer."
James Brooks raised an eyebrow. "It was your idea to mentor students, Ms. Tilwell."
"Obviously I can't be trusted to make such decisions in the future," Jane muttered as she flipped through several folders in front of her. "Okay, Lauren, as I said, we meant to send you a contract memo through your agent. Again, I apologize for the confusion."

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Pages: 240
Published: 2011

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