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Addicted For Now by Krista & Becca Ritchie

Addicted #2
I was stunned by this story. Human nature is shown in many forms in this story.

Loren's come home from rehab. Lily is nervous. They haven't seen each other for three months. Because of their addictions they are going to have to relearn how to be with each other. Someone texts Lo threatening to tell Lily's secret. Lo has no idea who it is because he was always drunk and pissing people off. They are very worried and freaking out.  Who knows and what do they know?
Will Lo and Lily and their families be destroyed by the truth?

From the author:
He's addicted to booze. She's addicted to sex...staying sober is only half the battle.
No. More. Sex. 

Those are the three words Lily Calloway fears the most. But Loren Hale is determined to be with Lily without enabling her dangerous compulsions. With their new living situation—sleeping in the same bed, for real, together—Lily has new battles. Like not jumping Lo’s bones every night. Not being consumed by sex and his body.

Loren plans to stay sober, to right all of his wrongs. So when someone threatens to expose Lily’s secret to her family and the public, he promises that he’ll do anything to protect her. But with old enemies surfacing, Lo has more at stake than his sobriety.

They will torment Lily until Lo breaks. 

And his worst fear isn’t relapsing. He hears the end. He sees it. The one thing that could change everything. Just three words. 

No. More. Us

Excerpt #1:

Holding Lily usually solves our problems, but she fights me this time. Ramming her tiny fists into my hard chest, trying to push me away. “Are you not hearing me?” she says, shoving my bicep. “I can’t sleep next to you.”
I keep her in my arms easily, my muscles flexing as I wrap them around her. “Lil, shh,” I say, my lips finding her ear.
“I can’t!” she shouts, tears beginning to pool.
“Lil, you can,” I whisper deeply. “Shh.” I lock her arms together for a minute, her body wedged between my legs. Tonight will be the most difficult, I remind myself. It’s confusing for her. She wants to be with me, but my mere presence tempts her. I don’t ever want her to believe that being alone, being apart, is the solution.
It’s not.
She needs me as much as I need her. We just have to find our footing in this relationship. And that takes time.
She grows restless, so I roll on top of her, pinning her legs down with mine, trapping her small frame. She seems to settle, but her chest rises and falls heavily, fear swimming in her eyes.
“Who do you trust more, me or you?” I ask.
“You.” She doesn’t even hesitate.
“Then this is how we’re going to sleep.”
She frowns. “I’m not sure I can hold your weight.”
I smile. This is why I love her—why I relish in the fact that I’m going to wake up next to her, my arms wrapped around her delicate body. She’s adorable.

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Pages: 488
Published: 2013

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