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Kissin' Tell by Lorelei James

Rough Riders # 13
In high school, Tell McKay had it bad for Georgia Hotchkiss but she had a boyfriend. Tell would do anything for her and it seemed as though she took advantage of that. But now it's ten years later and she has returned to Sundance for her job. Their ten year class reunion is in two weeks and her friend suggests that she go and ask Tell to be her date.
Tell says he will but he wants a relationship with her - one with benefits. Georgia is more beautiful than she was in school. Tell has changed. He is not the scrawny kid he once was. They are very attracted to each other. Will they fall for each other? What will happen when Georgia's temporary job is over and she goes back to Dallas? Tell doesn't know that secret.

From the author:
She once led him around by a string. Now he’s the one holding the reins.
Georgia Hotchkiss swore wild horses couldn’t drag her back to Sundance, Wyoming. So it’s ironic she’s forced to take a rodeo PR job in her former hometown—right before her ten-year class reunion. The only thing worse than facing her cheating ex-husband and his pregnant wife? Showing up to the reunion without a date. Fate smiles on her when she runs into her former classmate and current cowboy hottie Tell McKay. With his infectious smile and fun-loving ways—not to mention his banging body—he’s the perfect solution to her problem.
Tell McKay had it so bad for Hot Lips Hotchkiss during high school that he let her run roughshod over him. But he is no longer that easily manipulated boy—these days he’s earned a reputation with the ladies that lives up to the McKay last name. He agrees to escort her to the reunion with one stipulation; that Georgia proves she has left behind the goody-goody cheerleader of the past—by sharing his bed.
Their sexual chemistry flashes so bright, they barely notice that the reunion has come and gone, and now they’re tangled up in another dreaded “R” word—relationship. But if Tell wants to get the girl this go-around, he’ll have to come up with a whole new set of knots to tie up her heartstrings.
Warning: Contains a sweet talkin’ wild cowboy with a wagon load of crazy-hot sex fantasies and the mad bedroom skills to back up his claims.

That comment made Georgia think of Tell. Not of how he’d changed, but what had remained the same.
His piercing blue eyes were the same.
That dimpled smile was the same.
His sweet, helpful disposition was the same.
“You’ve gotten better at evasion,” Stephanie inserted. “You don’t want to talk about your dad? Fine. We’ll finish the conversation about Tell McKay. Did he recognize you?”
“He was too busy trying to get into Jamie’s pants to pay attention to anything but her zipper.”
“Not what I meant.”
“Yes, he recognized me. Right away.”
Stephanie said, “And?” with exasperation.
“And what? He was polite, even when I sort of freaked out on him.” Georgia groaned and put her forehead on the table.
“That bad? Really?”
“Yes.” Georgia raised her head and mimicked herself. “Wow, I can’t believe you’re Tell McKay! Wow, let me feel your big muscles! Wow, you look amazing! God, Stephanie. What was wrong with me?”
“You were sideswiped with lust?”
“Me and every other woman in the bar. But they didn’t gasp and swoon. Can you believe I almost fell on my ass, so the poor man had to catch me?”
“He didn’t have to catch you,” Stephanie pointed out. “But the fact he did is great insight into his character.”
Georgia wanted to roll her eyes, but her psychologist friend would read something into it. “I didn’t talk to him long enough to find out anything about his character. Besides. What does it matter? He’s with Jamie.”
Stephanie shook her head. “Jamie’s commitment issues preclude her from anything but casual relationships. After what she’s told me, I’m assuming cowboy hottie, aka Tell McKay, is the same way.”
Georgia wanted to point out she’d overheard Tell’s phone conversation and he had a kid, but that didn’t mean he had a wife or even a significant other. Just a baby mama, who was at home, dealing with his child while he caroused at the local bar.
Maybe Tell had turned into a player. Wouldn’t be much of a stretch, given his good looks and the wild reputations the McKay men had built up over the years.
“You know, he could solve a major problem for you.”
She glanced up. “What major problem? That I need to get laid?”
Stephanie laughed. “I don’t know if I’ll ever get used to hearing you talk like that, G. Anyway, maybe this will be a two-fer in the problem-solving department for you: you’ll get laid and score a date to our ten-year class reunion.”

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Pages: 327
Published: 2012

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