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Lead by Kylie Scott

Stage Dive #3
Lena gets hired to be Jimmy's sober companion/assistant. She is with him 24/7 because she also lives with him.  He treats her pretty badly most of the time but when he's nice and acting like a human being it warms her from the inside.

After a couple of months she realizes that she has feelings for him. She makes the mistake of telling him and he insists that they are going to do a list he sees in a magazine to get her over her feelings which includes each of them dating other people. But he doesn't like seeing her with other men and when he flies an ex up to Portland, she is jealous.

When Jimmy realizes that the list is not working, he decides they should have sex. Will this be the answer for Lena to get over her feelings?

I liked this book. Some of it was okay and I just did not feel the characters like the first 2 books in the series.

From the publisher:
Can rock n’ roll’s most notorious bad boy be tamed by love?

As the lead singer of Stage Dive, Jimmy is used to getting whatever he wants, whenever he wants it—now he’s caught up in a life of hard partying and fast women. When a PR disaster serves as a wake-up call and lands him in rehab, he finds himself with Lena, a new assistant hired to keep him out of trouble. 

Lena's not willing to take any crap from her sexy boss and is determined to keep their relationship completely professional, despite their sizzling chemistry. But when Jimmy pushes her too far, he just might lose the best thing that’s ever happened to him. Can he convince his stubborn assistant to risk it all and let her heart take the lead? 


Jimmy was losing it. 

The hotel room door shuddered, something smashing loud against the other side. Inside, voices were raised, but the words were indistinct. Maybe I'd just hang out in the hallway for a while. It was tempting. All of this was my own damn fault, I should have been dust weeks ago. The facts were, despite the great money, me and this job didn't mesh. Every time I opened my mouth to tell him I quit, however, the words disappeared. 

I couldn't explain it. 

"Hey." Ev wandered toward me in a simple black dress, her fingers twining nervously. Her blonde hair had been pulled back into an elegant chignon. 


"David's in talking to him." 

"Right." I probably should have worn a dress too, gone traditional. The last thing I wanted was to publicly embarrass Jimmy on a day like today. Only November in North Idaho could be butt-chapping cold. For a native of warmer climates, they didn't make tights thick enough to combat this sort of weather. 

The band and their entourage had been in Coeur d'Alene for just over a week and Jimmy's mood had been black since our arrival. Worse even than normal. Mal's mom had passed four days ago, losing her battle with cancer. From what I could gather, Lori had been like a surrogate mom to the Ferris brothers. Their own had apparently been little more than an oxygen bandit, abandoning them early. I'd only met Lori a couple of times. No one could dispute she'd been a beautiful soul. 

More muted shouting. Another thump. 

"Guess I shouldn't have gone out for breakfast." Coffee, French toast, and far more maple syrup than one woman needed, churned inside my stomach. Comfort eating sucked. "Thought I'd beat him back from the gym." 

"You can't watch him all the time." 

"I'm paid to try." I shrugged. "God help me." "And if you did, he'd fire you for getting in his face. Just like he did all the others. Giving him some breathing room is a good thing." Ev flinched, another almighty crash coming from within the room of doom. 


"Hmm." Jimmy didn't fire all five of my predecessors, some he gently coaxed into quitting. Or at least, that's how he described it. But I didn't bother to correct her. 

"David will calm him down," Ev said, her voice absolute. It was sweet, the way she hero-worshipped her husband. I couldn't remember the last time I'd had such faith in a lover. David and Ev had gotten married one drunken night in Vegas six months back. It'd been splashed all over the media. Apparently, it was one hell of a story, though I hadn't managed to hear it all yet. Ev had asked me to go out with her and her friends a couple of times, but I always made excuses. Not that I didn't appreciate the gesture, it just didn't feel right with me working for her brother-in-law. 

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Pages: 288
Published: 2014

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