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One Night Rodeo by Lorelei James

Blacktop Cowboys #4
This installment is about Celia and Kyle who have been snippin' and snappin' at each other for years. Celia has become disillusioned with life. She is not doing well on the barrel racing circuit.  She recently broke up with Breck, the man she was seeing - and who was seeing someone else. She can't go home because she doesn't belong there anymore. Kyle kissed her three weeks ago and it knocked her socks off.
Kyle wants a home/ranch more than anything. He is a bullrider. He is trying to save money towards a place for himself. But the last couple of years it has cut him to the bone to see Celia with Breck. He is determined to get her. It's the end of the rodeo season and they are both in Las Vegas.
Their friends are celebrating with them on New Year's Eve.
They wake up together the next morning to find that they got married the night before. Celia does not remember anything. She is scared but she wants to be with Kyle.
Kyle is happy. He's got almost everything he wants. Then his mother calls and says his father wants to see him. His father! Who is his father? He will leave Kyle everything - including a ranch!
Will Celia and Kyle stay married? The ranch is an answer to what they both really want.

I loved this one. Celia and Kyle were born for each other.

From the author:
All it takes is one night to change a cowboy’s life...

Barrel racer Celia Lawson knows better than to tangle with bull rider Kyle Gilchrist. The sexy cowboy’s love ‘em and leave ‘em ways have earned him a reputation on the rodeo circuit, and he’s always seen her as his best friend’s kid sister. But after one wild, tequila-fueled night, Celia wakes up to find out she’s gotten herself hitched—to a man she never should have married!
When Celia insists on an annulment, Kyle has no good reason to say no—except he isn’t ready to let go of his new bride. But then Kyle inherits a sprawling Wyoming ranch, and seizes the opportunity to enlist Celia’s help. She agrees to lend a hand—with two conditions: He has to get up to speed as a rancher within six months; then they’ll get a divorce. And their marriage will be in name only.
Kyle gives in to Celia’s demand, yet he’s ready to prove to her he has what it takes to turn their one night rodeo into a lifetime of love....


A Snippet from Chapter One

A Blacktop Cowboys™ Novel~Lorelei James~A Signet Eclipse book

Like a total chickenshit, Celia was hiding in her hotel bathroom.
From Kyle.
Kyle. The guy she’d known since she was six years old.
What the hell was wrong with her?
Because the Kyle waiting for you is not the same Kyle you’ve known your entire life.
She dabbed concealer over the bruise on her cheekbone. Contrary to her sister-in-law Janie’s claims, Celia hadn’t been in love with Kyle Gilchrist since her childhood—she’d simply loved to annoy him.
Even when Kyle was a teenage boy, it took a lot to rile him, unlike her brothers, who were easily provoked. Armed with childish logic, Celia made it her mission to get under Kyle’s skin as often as possible.
She’d drawn hearts emblazoned with her name on every one of his school notebooks.
He’d retaliated by stringing up her My Little Pony collection from a tree.
She’d pushed him into the stock tank.
He’d held her down and tickled her until she peed her pants.
She’d put a snapping turtle in his gym bag.
He’d tied her to the tire swing and spun her until she puked.
All harmless pranks that demanded retaliation.
The problem was—Kyle still brought out every combative instinct she owned. Her first impulse was to goad him into an argument, or to fight back when he goaded her, which happened frequently since he’d never outgrown that juvenile behavior either.
But that had all changed three weeks ago with a kiss. An incredible kiss.
Tanna had dragged her to the annual New Year’s bash at rodeo legend Del Montoya’s ranch outside of Stephenville, Texas. Celia hadn’t known many people, so she’d been secretly happy to run into Kyle the first day of the two day party.
Maybe it was the free-flowing alcohol, but she and Kyle hadn’t sniped at each other once. The lead rope tied around the door handle of Tanna’s horse trailer meant her friend was getting lucky that night, so Kyle let Celia crash in his camper. They’d talked and laughed until the wee small hours.
The next day Kyle and Tanna were competing in the private rodeo, leaving Celia at loose ends. In the late afternoon she’d headed to a small pond to watch the sunset. It’d struck her how alone she felt most the time, no matter whether she was surrounded by people, on the road, or in the arena—or even at home in Muddy Gap.
Kyle had tracked her down and somehow sensed her melancholy. The ease of the previous day’s conversation lingered, especially when they talked of home. Of frigid nights and miles of snow. Of the splendor of orange and purple Wyoming sunsets splashing across a pale gray winter sky.
When she mentioned the New Year’s Eve festivities, Kyle asked, “Have you picked a cowboy to kiss when the clock strikes twelve?”
“I’ve had enough drunken, forgotten kisses to last me a lifetime.”
“If that’s the case, you could always lay a hot, wet one on me,” he’d said with a silken promise. “I guarantee an unforgettable kiss.”

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Pages: 320
Published: 2012

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