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Savor the Danger by Lori Foster

Men Who Walk the Edge of Honor #3

Alani is finally getting past her kidnapping and rescue last year. She has feelings for Jackson. He's been pursing her and finally they spend the night together. But the next morning Jackson is shocked to wake up naked next to Alani.  Then he gets sick and spends the next couple of hours being sick. He goes to find Alani to try to explain and he also lets Dare and Trace know. Something is going on, but what? Is someone after him or Alani?  Everyone decides that Jackson should stay with Alani since if someone is watching them they know that they are in a relationship. They are being followed.

 One night the last man that Alani dated is at her house. Marc cut her electric and was going to break her window and scare her. Jackson scares him off.
A few days later, Marc calls. He was kidnapped and beaten badly. He wants Jackson to protect him.  The men were asking all kinds of questions about Jackson. What is going on?

From the author:
The one woman he couldn’t have was the only woman he desired…
She may be aloof, and more pretty than gorgeous, but Alani Rivers is the kind of woman a hot-blooded mercenary can’t forget, no matter how hard he tries. So when Jackson Savor wakes up next to the naked, sleeping beauty—with no memory of what happened—he knows he’s been drugged… even if Alani doesn’t.
After she was kidnapped, Alani swore she’d never trust another man again. Still, something about this strong, sexy hero with the tender touch makes her want to believe him. As Jackson hunts downs a mysterious intruder, he swears he’ll move heaven and earth to keep Alani safe. But what really happened that night? And will the truth bring them closer than they ever thought possible—or put Alani squarely in harm’s way again?
A little slack-jawed, Alani watched as Jackson meandered down the hall and disappeared into her home office. His long-legged, rangy walk set her heart to tripping; the thought of him going through her personal files slowed it again.
She snapped her mouth shut.
Had that parting shot of his been mockery, or a sincere statement reflecting what they’d shared, the bond they’d forged last night?
A bond that only she could remember.
Groaning, she put her hands over her face and slumped into her bedroom. She quietly closed the door and dropped back against it.
Being honest with herself, she had to admit that deep inside, she’d been expecting – maybe even hoping – that he’d press the issue of intimacy. He wanted her again. He’d been more than open and upfront about that.
But instead, he chose to honor her wishes, the wishes she knew to be more responsible. More reasonable.
It would be a very long night.
Taking her time, Alani freshened up, tidying her hair, brushing her teeth, giving her make-up a boost. With nothing more to do, she girded herself for Jackson’s impact, both emotional and physical, and went in search of him.
She opened her bedroom door and found him right there in the hallway, leaning on the wall, relaxed, waiting for her.

Before she could apologize for making him wait, he straightened.
She stepped out, and his warm palm curved to the small of her back.
Alani felt the touch everywhere. But then, even if he hadn’t touched her, she’d have been acutely aware of him beside her. When Jackson was in a room, he occupied everything, the space, the air, the attention.
Knowing they were alone, with the bedrooms at their backs, quickened her breath.
“I parked down around the corner.”
Surprise slowed her steps, but since Jackson kept walking, she did too. It hadn’t occurred to her that his car was missing. If she’d seen it on the street in front of her house or in her driveway, she’d have been forewarned of his visit.
And maybe she would have avoided him.

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Pages: 411
Published: 2011

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