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Their Virgin Hostage by Shayla Black and Lexi Blake

Masters of Ménage, Book 5

Kinley is getting ready to marry Greg but she is only doing it to save her father's life and to get money in her charity. If she has any feelings for a man,  it's Mike, a guy she has been talking to on the phone for a couple of weeks.  He is setting up a charity and called Kinley for advice. Her best friend Annabelle doesn't want her to marry Greg. She found out some nasty stuff about him. But Kinley feels she has no choice.

Belle calls room service for them and ducks out to help one of the lawyers she works for. But when room service comes, Kinley gets kidnapped, drugged and taken to Alaska. Dom, Law and Riley take her because they think she can help them get information to put Greg in jail. Greg was married to Dom's sister and had her killed. He needs to prove it. Dom and Riley think that Kinley is some loser socialite but Law knows she's not.

It isn't long before the men start to have feelings for Kinley and she for them as they get to know each other. Will Kinley be able to get the information needed to put Greg in jail? Is it love for the men and Kinley? It will break her heart when she finds out the truth.

I liked this book.  Kinley is a fun character.

One Hostage Bride
Kinley Kohl agrees to marry wealthy Greg Jansen to save her family. Her wedding day should be the happiest of her life…except that she doesn’t love him. And she can’t help but wonder if she’s making a mistake. Even so, she refuses to let her loved ones down. Then moments before her nuptials, she’s kidnapped—and her whole life changes.

Three Determined Mercenaries
Dominic Anthony has waited years to avenge his sister’s murder. He knows Greg Jansen is dirty, but he needs a witness to help prove his case. Jansen’s new bride is the perfect hostage. Kinley Kohl will tell him everything…or else. But his two business partners aren’t so sure. Law and Riley Anders worry that Kinley isn’t as guilty as she seems. And Law suspects she might be the one woman who can handle them all.

From Target to Treasure
In the wilds of Alaska, the three men try to pry Kinley open, only to discover she’s both stronger and more innocent than they imagined. Her sweet beauty melts their suspicion and steals their hearts. Together, they awaken her passion and brand her as their own. When danger strikes, the men realize they must save Kinley or lose the love of their lives forever.

Kinley Kohl looked at herself in her custom Pnina Tornai white wedding dress with its sweetheart neckline and lacy, glittery bodice…and she wanted something more. More emotion. More excitement. Just more. But she didn’t know what.

Her dress was gorgeous. The elegant hotel, all decorated in wedding regalia, looked stunning. No doubt, her groom-to-be had dressed impeccably for the occasion. The sky above Manhattan was a cloudless, perfect blue. Five hundred of the country’s wealthiest and most influential people waited to see her walk down the aisle in the Plaza’s grand ballroom. It was a dream wedding, but the encroaching panic made it feel more like her nightmare.

Was it too late to run screaming down Fifth Avenue?

“Are you sure you want to wear that dress?” Becks asked, standing behind her and eyeing her critically.

Kinley sighed. It was a good thing her father hadn’t remarried and brought a wicked stepmother into her life. She hardly needed a hypercritical parent when she had her sister. “What’s wrong with it?”
There was always something wrong, according to Beckin Kohl Abernathy. Admittedly, her sister was one of the most prominent fashion plates in New York. Society looked to Becks for style advice, while those same women, along with the tabloids, mostly called Kinley unpleasantly plump.

“Oh, don’t get me wrong, hon. The dress is fabulous.” Becks gave her a little half hug, careful not to crush or ruffle her perfectly coiffed platinum hair. It was longer in the front than the back and had an asymmetry that accentuated her high cheekbones and drew attention to her well-glossed lips.
“It just seems a little…snug.” Becks gave a delicate wince. “Did you and Greg decide to start your family early?”

Kinley turned on her sister, feeling her face flush with humiliation. “I’m not pregnant.”

In fact, what Becks suggested was impossible. She and Greg had never shared a bed. Actually, Kinley had never had sex with anyone. And now, she was about to become a virgin sacrifice to help the family she loved. Of course, it would be easier to feel good about this whole choice if her sister wasn’t quite so judgmental.

“Well, I guess stress eating with such a big wedding is understandable.” Becks sent her a tight smile of sympathy. “But unadvisable. Don’t frown. I’m only saying that for your own good. The press is already unkind to you.”

Tears filled Kinley’s eyes. She had eaten only protein shakes, brown rice, and fish for three weeks. She’d lost thirteen pounds so she could fit perfectly into this dress. She thought it had worked…until now. “I want to be alone, Becks.”

Her sister sighed, brushing imaginary lint from the sleek gray sheath she’d selected for the bridesmaids. Kinley had wanted a soft pink, but Becks had insisted that her choice was much more elegant. Her older sister had a way of getting what she wanted.

“I didn’t mean to upset you on your wedding day when I know you’re already nervous. I’m sorry, Kinley. I’m being a bitch. Don’t mind me. I’m sure Greg will think you look lovely.”

But now she couldn’t look at herself and not see the slight curve of her stomach that no amount of dieting ever eradicated. She wasn’t a size six. Hell, she wasn’t even a ten. The dress had been custom made because it didn’t come in her size. She sniffled a little.

“Don’t cry, Kin.” Becks grabbed a tissue and handed it to her. “This is your wedding day, and you’re marrying the richest guy we know. What could you possibly have to cry about?”

“I don’t love him.” There she’d said it. She was shocked everyone hadn’t guessed. Her father kind of knew, but he was ignoring it. Becks couldn’t possibly think she loved Greg. They had nothing in common, but each had something the other needed.

Becks rolled her eyes and crossed the room to reach for the champagne sitting by her bouquet. “Is that all? No woman I know loves her husband, at least no one in our world.”

That stunned Kinley. She’d always wondered, but… “Not even you?”

“Please…” With a surprisingly unladylike snort, her sister rolled her eyes. “After Brian and I got married, I tossed out my birth control. The key to my future was in spitting out a couple of kids and tying him up legally. Even if he starts thinking with his pecker and tries to trade me in for a younger model, he’s going to pay handsomely for the privilege.”

Pages: 294
Published: 2013

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