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Baby, Be Mine by Vivian Arend

Thompson & Sons #1.5
Gage wants Katy but she's his best friend's little sister. When he was 15, he lived in a foster home on the same street as the Thompson's. But the foster parents were older and he felt out of place. But Mrs. Thompson was like a second mother to him. Katy was seeing a jerk named Simon but when Gage learns that they broke up he goes for it but he is leaving the next day for a six month job in the oil fields. They spend a fantastic night together. But Katy wants to talk to him before he leaves and gets into a car accident. She loses some memory and brain functions but she's okay. The doctors say she may recover in time. Gage gets to his job and is offered a better paying job but for only two months.

Katy realizes that she's pregnant and doesn't remember how she got that way. Her ex boyfriend tells her that they got back together. Her family and Janey, her best friend, say there is no way that happened. Gage gets back to town and before he can get romantic with her she blurts out that she's pregnant. He tells her that it's his baby. But she decides that after the baby is born she will get a paternity test.
Gage convinces Katy to have a relationship with him but Simon her ex causes problems. Will Gage get the family he so desperately wants?  Who is the father of the baby?

Loved this one!

From the author:
What the mind forgets, the heart remembers.
Since the moment Katy Thompson transformed from annoying tagalong to desirable woman, Gage Jenick has awaited his chance. When she kicks her boyfriend to the curb, he doesn’t hold back—in spite of the next day work assignment that will take him completely off the grid for two long months.
After a head injury sustained on a storm-swept road, Katy can’t remember her own email password, much less how the little pink “positive” on the pregnancy stick got there. Barring an influx of midichlorians, she’s at a loss to explain what happened, or when…or with whom.
Suddenly Gage is back in her life as if he has a right to be there. While she vividly remembers the crush she had on him, she’s no one’s charity case. But another thing she’d forgotten was just how stubborn Gage can be—especially when her domineering ex tries to stake a claim…
Warning: An unforgettable night that gets forgotten. A crazy redneck ex, and a hero who’s ready to take on the world, and his past, for his heroine.

September, Rocky Mountain House
If any place was the epitome of a laid-back, good ol’ boys, redneck tavern, Traders Pub fit the bill. Country music blared over the speakers encouraging those out for the start of the weekend to kick up their heels and let loose.
Familiar sights, all too familiar sounds.
Even more familiar was the ache in Gage Jenick’s gut as Katy Thompson shimmied past, her trim body clad in nothing fancier than a pair of jeans and a western shirt, but he was still damn near drooling.
He deliberately turned his chair away and picked up his beer, the Alberta equivalent of an ostrich burying its head in the sand.
If he didn’t look, she wasn’t really there.
Wasn’t really there, in spite of the sweet apple-blossom scent clinging to her skin that wafted over, like it did during the day while they worked together at her family’s garage. How many times in the past six months had he been in the middle of welding repairs or lugging tires from one rack to another, and found his mouth watering? His head turning involuntarily as she sashayed across the wide concrete space with a question regarding billing or a parts order for one of her brothers working the floor.
He hadn’t always had a hard-on for his best friend’s little sis. For years she’d been Katybug—the tagalong annoyance he’d tolerated for Clay’s sake, and later for the sake of the baking they’d snitch from the kitchen she’d taken possession of when her mom had passed away.
It was like a switch flipped. One day she was this invisible creature, and the next?
He could still vividly picture it—months earlier when he’d stopped work for the day. He’d rounded a corner at the garage in time to see a hose burst on her.
Water sprayed everywhere as she’d struggled to catch the flailing end.
“What the hell?” Gage rushed toward Katy who stood laughing, the broken hose writhing as if it were alive. It only took a minute for him to shut off the water at the source, but that was long enough to end with them both drenched to the skin.
“Sorry, Gage.” Katy hiccupped, she was laughing so hard. “Oh, Lord that was fun. Good thing it’s a warm day, right?”
He turned to deliver some timely big-brother-like, smart-ass comment, and got slammed with an eye-opening lightning bolt.
Her shirt was plastered to her, revealing more than any trip to the lake or swimming hole ever had, and to his utter shock, Katybug had hips and breasts.

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Pages: 177
Published: 2014

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