Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Be With Me by Maya Banks

Regina is a cop and was attacked and beaten up badly on the job. The perp called her Reggie which only three men call her. Hutch, Cam and Sawyer are those men. they have been friends with Regina since they were children but they love her and want a relationship with her. She is too afraid to be with them. But they are not going to let her get away now that she is in danger from some man. They will protect her until the man is caught.
Who is after her and why are they?

I really liked this one. There was a good balance of love/sex and suspense.

Three men. One woman.
Hutch BishopCam Douglas, and Sawyer Pritchard were juvenile delinquents with a reckless and wildly sexy side. But they had more in common than that. They had Regina Fallon, a wealthy but lonely girl from the right side of the tracks who formed an unusual friendship with the boys. She felt protected. She felt needed. She felt loved… for the first time in her life. By all three.
So much closer than just friends.
Today, she’s a police officer, dedicated to her badge, and wary of reigniting her relationship with the hot trio after one night of passion left her confused—and stunned—by what they wanted from her. But when a mysterious attempt is made on her life, Hutch, Cam, and Sawyer jump in to protect her again. Now, Regina and her three lovers are forming an all-new bond. It’s more exciting, more intense, and—as a killer looms in the shadows—more dangerous than ever before. 

When Regina opened her eyes, she groaned and slammed them shut again. There wasn't an inch of her body that wasn't screaming like a girl. She heard the murmur of voices and cracked open an eyelid to see who was there.
Birdie. Regina smiled then winced. Damn, even smiling hurt. Her gaze skirted over to where Jeremy stood with his wife Michelle.
"Where's the kiddo?" she croaked out.
Relief echoed in Jeremy's expression. "Jake and Ellie have him. How do you feel, Regina?"
He and Michelle moved closer to the bed, and Michelle gave her a sympathetic smile.
"Do I look that bad?" Regina asked.
Before Michelle could answer, a cool hand fluttered across Regina's forehead.
"Birdie," Regina whispered. "I'm sorry to have worried you, but I'm so glad you're here."
The older woman smiled and bent down to kiss Regina's cheek. "As if I'd be anywhere else."
"You've been here all night, haven't you?" Regina frowned. "For that matter, how long have I been here?" She looked up at Jeremy as more of what happened came back. "Did you get him? And damn, why does it sound like I've got a horde of frogs in my throat?"
Jeremy grimaced. "One thing at a time, okay, girl? No, I didn't get him. But we will. And you sound like shit because he tried to choke you after beating the hell out of you." His eyes glittered with anger.
His wife put a reassuring hand on his arm and squeezed.
Another thought hit her, and panic gripped her throat. "My gun, Jeremy. He knocked it out of my hand."
"It's all right. We recovered it on scene. It's being processed, so you'll have to do without it for a few days. Not like you'll be coming back to work tomorrow anyway."
She grimaced. No, she wouldn't be back tomorrow, but if she had anything to say about it, she wouldn't be laid up for very long. She glanced up at Jeremy and his wife. He looked haggard, and he probably had better things to do than sit here and babysit her ass.
"I'm fine now, so you two should go home. I appreciate you coming, though," Regina said.
"Are you sure you don't want us to stay?" Michelle asked.
"You two go on," Birdie interjected. "I'll be staying with her no matter how much she fusses about it."
Jeremy nodded then stared hard at Regina. "We'll get him."

Pages: 376

Published: 2008

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