Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Enticed by His Forgotten Lover by Maya Banks

Pregnancy & Passion #1
Rafael was in a plane crash four months ago and lost his short term memory and maybe a bit more. It's driving him crazy that he cannot remember what happened before the crash. He sees a beautiful woman at a party his company was throwing. She is not his type but he decides to speak with her. She gets angry that he doesn't remember her especially since he notices that she is pregnant.
Apparently, he spent a month with her, fell in love and bought her beachfront land in Texas.  He was flying home when the plane crashed.
Bryony loves Rafael. He feels bad and is stunned that he is going to be a father. So he decides that he will go to Texas with her to try to remember what they had. He had promised Bryony that he would not develop the land. Will he continue with those plans??

Bryony is a sweet character. I felt for Rafael when he remembered. This was a heartwarming story.

From goodreads:
"Have we met?" 

Answer: a right hook! 
Because Bryony Morgan pulls no punches. Even when she's very pregnant and facing down the father of her unborn child. She fell for wealthy hotelier Rafael de Luca when he courted her for her beachfront real estate. Then he disappeared. Now, she's in New York for answers--and she won't accept a brush-off.

But selective amnesia after a crash has Rafael puzzled. How could he ever forget a combustible beauty like Bryony? Solution: return to the island where they met, and relive the unforgettable nights in question--until he remembers everything...

Read an excerpt here.

Pages: 191
Published: 2009

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