Sunday, May 31, 2015

Hot Date by Amy Garvey

This was a cute story about Grace who seemed to whirl through life, often not thinking things all the way through before acting on her impulses. Her husband got a job transfer to Chicago and she realized that she did not really love him and asked for a divorce. Then went back to her hometown in Pennsylvania where she inspired others to be brave in their lives and then fell in love with her brother's best friend.

Grace was a fun character to read about. She was klutzy, sassy and unpredictable. Nick went around fixing and helping everyone but he did not realize that Grace did not need fixing.  She really needed acceptance and love.

From the publisher:
Needed: One Hot Man…

Soon-to-be-ex-husband in the rearview mirror. Hometown, straight ahead. Grace Lamb at the wheel, beginning a whole new life in an about-to-drop-dead old VW bus. She plans to start a gardening business in the charming hamlet of Wrightsville, PA, and put her green thumb to good use. Hey, why not? Flowers, ferns, even plain old grass like her…they really like her. What could go wrong? Everything, once the bus breaks down and a local cop pulls over to help. One look through the windshield and Grace is feeling lucky again. The man in blue is none other than Nick Griffin, her former childhood crush, all grown up and looking incredibly handsome and sexy. Yes, officer, there is a problem…

…Who’s Ready For Romance

At last. Something to do. Wrightsville isn't the most exciting beat, despite nabbing the hardened criminal who stole the library's Harry Potter collection. Nick Griffin can’t take his eyes off the drop-dead gorgeous redhead with the broken-down VW bus. Grace's looks may have changed for the better (way better) since she was a kid following Nick and her big brother around, but he’s about to find out that she still gets into the strangest scrapes. And from messing with the mob over a bunch of vintage sex toys (don't ask) to making Nick forget he has a brain when she happens to touch him, Grace still drives him crazy. Except now he's falling crazy in love…

Read an excerpt here.

Pages: 271
Published: 2008

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