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Hot Pursuit by Stuart Woods

Stone Barrington #33

Stone picks up his new plane and meets a woman named Pat Frank. He gets involved with her only to find out that she has a stalker. The stalker kills her upstairs neighbors and then follows them to England, where Stone realizes that there is more to the story. The stalker is flying a plane for another man who keeps popping up wherever Stone is. Why?

Holly, who now works for the new President Kate Lee,  and her new aide Millie are looking for three possible terrorists. They end up in London working with MI6 to find these men. Holly continues on a tour of Europe with Kate. Millie and Stone keeping crossing paths. They help each other with the plots they are trying to foil.

I loved this one.

From the publisher:
Stone Barrington is back in the exciting new adventure from perennial fan favorite Stuart Woods.

It’s not often that Stone Barrington finds a woman as accustomed to the jet-set lifestyle as he, so he’s pleasantly surprised when he meets a gorgeous pilot who’s soon moving to New York, and available for closer acquaintance. Their travels together lead them from Wichita to Europe, but trailing them is some unwanted baggage: his new lady love’s unstable, criminal ex-boyfriend.

And while Stone is fending off his newest adversary, trouble is brewing on the international stage. Several enemy operatives are at large, and only a coordinated intelligence effort will have any chance of stopping their deadly plot. But the clock is ticking . . . and time has nearly run out.

Stone Barrington stood on a wide expanse of tarmac, leaning into thirty knots of icy wind, holding his hat on his head, his trench coat inadequate to the task of keeping his body temperature in the normal range. It was January in Wichita.

He watched as a thing of beauty made a turn and rolled toward him. It bore his tail number, but not on the tail—on the engine nacelles. Its white fuselage bore stripes of blue and red, sweeping back to a night-blue tail, emblazoned with stars. It was his brandnew Citation M2, for which he had waited two years. The form of the delivery pilot, a man named Pat Frank, could be seen in the pilot’s seat, having flown the twenty-minute flight from the factory, in Independence, Kansas.

A lineman ran forward and chocked the nosewheel, and the pilot cut the engines, their dying whine leaving the howl of the wind as the only noise on the ramp.

Stone had spent the past sixteen days in the classroom and thesimulator; the content of his life had shrunk to sweating out instruction all day, then ordering room service at night and falling asleep in front of the TV. He wanted the real airplane and he wanted New York. Now.

The door of the airplane swung open and a figure kicked the folding steps down, and Stone got his first surprise of the day. The ferry pilot descended onto the tarmac, and her blond hair streamed with the wind. “Hi,” she said, holding out a hand. “I’m Pat Frank. Can we get out of this wind?”

“Follow me,” Stone said, running for the airplane and climbing the steps. He glanced into the cockpit, which was completely familiar to him, since the three fourteen-inch screens of the Garmin 3000 avionics and the accompanying switches and throttles were identical to those in the simulator. He sank into one of the four comfortable passenger seats and waved Ms. Pat Frank to a seat facing him. “So you’re the hand-holder my insurance company sent to make my first flight with me,” he said.

“I am that,” she replied. “At the very least. You may recall that you paid me to do the acceptance flights and inspections for you, too.”

“And I thought I was signing checks to some grizzled veteran of the airlines, corporate flying, and, maybe, FedEx.”

“I’m all that, except the grizzled part,” she said, smiling, revealing perfect teeth set off by her red lipstick. The soft, goatskin leather jacket, zipped up against the weather, could not conceal her ample breasts.

“All we need is fuel and a flight plan filed."

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Pages: 337
Published: 2015

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