Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Just One Night #1-6 by Elle Casey

Just One Night Series click for summaries from Goodreads

I loved this story. Jennifer and William were just what each other needed when they met. Fate kept bringing them back to each other over and over. This series is funny, sexy, loving and confusing! William is British and I got lost in some of the British slang.  But it did not distract me from the story.

Serial romance novel, each book approximately 25,000 words or 100 paper pages long. The story continues with additional parts which will be published in 2-3 week increments.

Part 1
Jennifer found out her boyfriend of many years is a cheater. She left and is starting over. But she needs a man. So she places an ad for a one night thing. William is a young, hot businessman who's assistant over steps and tries to arrange a date for him. She prints out some personal ads for him and he tries several times to throw away Jennifer's. He takes it as a sign and calls her.  He arranges a date on Friday. What will happen?

Part 2
Jennifer is bumming over her date with William. She really liked him. Her best friend Mia needs her to go to a business dinner with her to keep the boss off of her. But guess who is at the dinner? William, of course. They are both happy to see each other but are playing it cool.  The dinner party goes to a club and William and Jenifer have some fun and find trouble ....

Part 3
Jennifer is still bumming about William. She goes to work on Monday only to find that her boss is retiring and her ex and his new girlfriend are taking over the real estate office. Jennifer quits and Hank says he is keeping her last commission. Creep!
Mia tells her to call William to see if he can help her out with a job. Jennifer calls and gets an appointment. William's assistant, Rachel, is helping him out with the problem that comes from the club night.

Part 4
William goes to Jennifer's place to explain about Ingrid. He tells her that he has feelings for her. But she believes he will only hurt her because of her ex. Mia makes Jennifer go to work with her. William is so hurt. Edward, his brother, makes him go to a business meeting for him. Guess who is at the meeting? When William returns to work, his father is there. He tells him to do something terrible!

Part 5
It's been three days since Jennifer saw William at lunch. She hasn't heard from him. Then Mia calls and tells her that Edward replaced him as CEO. Jennifer calls Rachel for help. She goes to his apartment and finds that he has been drunk for days. She gets him in shower and living again. they decide to go into business together and visit her clients. Will they make a success of their new partnership?

Part 6
Hank's girlfriend attacked Jennifer and she wakes in the hospital. Apparently she hit her head pretty hard. But the doctor gives her some unwelcome news. How will this affect their relationship? Then they go to brunch at William's father's home and he is dosed with something. What is going on?
William and Jennifer start looking for a house. A few months later, William's worst fear comes true - his father marries again - to the wicked witch! What will become of the family?

Pages: 550-600?
Published: 2014

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