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Love After All by Jaci Burton

Hope #4

Chelsea wants a man - the perfect man. So she makes a list. Bash is interested in Chelsea but he is gun shy because he had a failed marriage. He finds out about Chelsea's list and decides to help her find a man. BUT they have amazing chemistry. He wants her and lets her know. After a while, she gives in. Will Bash be her perfect man?

I really liked this story.

From the author:
A woman discovers that the man she least expects is exactly what she needs...
High school math teacher Chelsea Gardner has the perfect plan. She’s tired of dating all the wrong men, and after years of frustration, she’s developed a foolproof list of requirements for finding “The One.”
Bar owner Sebastian “Bash” Palmer finds Chelsea beautiful, smart and fun, but he thinks her list is ridiculous and unnecessary.  Intent on proving Chelsea is looking for love in all the wrong ways, he offers to help her find the “perfect” man.
Chelsea knows Bash isn’t the right guy for her—he barely meets one of her criteria—but there’s something about the charismatic man that has her yearning for things that are most definitely not list approved.
Because sometimes, a relationship that looks totally wrong on paper can turn out incredibly right…


Chapter One

Chelsea Gardner sat at the No Hope At All bar, waiting for her friends.
While she waited, she got out her notebook and doodled.
Okay, maybe she wasn’t doodling. She was on a mission.
The ten-point list made perfect sense to her. She’d fine-tuned it, but really, she’d had this list in her head for a while now, and decided it was time to memorialize it, get it down on paper. Maybe even laminate it.
Chelsea was thirty-two years old, and the one thing she knew and knew well was men. She had years of dating history, and she could weed out a decent man from a loser in the first fifteen minutes of a date.
She should write a book about it. She’d probably make millions.
Okay, in reality, maybe not. But she had a lot of experience in dating. She could offer up some valuable advice. At least advice on how to date the wrong man. Had she ever dated a lot of the wrong men. She was an expert on that.
Hence the list.
Her list would ensure she found the right man—finally. She was tired of going out on useless dates. From now on, she was going to ask the correct questions so she wouldn’t waste any more time on the wrong man. If a prospective date didn’t meet the criteria on her list, then he wasn’t the perfect man for her.
Her list wasn’t going to focus on personality traits—she already knew in her head the type of guy she wanted—warm, caring, compassionate, with a sense of humor. If he didn’t possess those basics, he’d be out of the running before they even got started. And those she could suss out right away without a list. Nor did she have a preference for looks. No, this list was compatibility-based. That’s where she’d run into roadblocks in the past and where she was going to focus her efforts on in the future.
She scanned her list, nodding as she ticked off the attributes in her head.
  1. Never married. Guys with exes carry a lot of baggage and woes.
  2. Has to be a suit and tie kind of guy, because it means he cares about his appearance.
  3. Has to work a 9-to-5 job, so he’ll be available for her.
  4. No crazy ex-girlfriends. This one needs no explanation.
  5. Likes fine dining and good wine. No more burger joints! Some guy out there must like something other than hamburgers, right?
  6. Hates sports. Everything about sports. What is it with men and sports, anyway?
  7. Must want at least two kids. A man who doesn’t want children is a deal breaker.
  8. Must love animals—preferably big dogs, not those yippy little dogs.
  9. Doesn’t spend all his time at the bar with his friends. If he’s always hanging out at the bar with his friends, then he isn’t with her.
  10. Idea of a perfect vacation getaway is somewhere warm and tropical. With room service.
She studied the list, tapping the pencil on the bar top.
“You look deep in thought.”
Her head shot up as Sebastian “Bash” Palmer, the owner of the bar, stood in front of her.
Talk about the wrong guy. Bash was the epitome of wrong, on so many levels.

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Pages: 272
Published: 2015

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