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May 2015 Word Search


May 2015 Word Search  link
May 1, 2015 - May 31. 2015

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This month's word search is inspired by our April Group Read: The Thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield

Important Rule: You CANNOT use this book when looking for the words. That would be just too easy.

Below is the list of words to find. They can only be found within the text of the book - no covers, titles or authors, please. For each word you find, provide the book title, page or location, and the sentence containing the word. You can use one book to find all the words, or as many as you like. 

***And if you don't find all the words this month, you are welcome to carry them over to next month's word search challenge.*** 

Challenge Rules:
Books should be at least 125 pages. All formats are acceptable. Re-reads are fine - just be sure to re-read the entire book. When updating your challenge with books you've read, please include a link to the book title, include the author's name, and the date you finished reading the book. 

Have fun!

List of Words

1. Tale Rocky Ride by Vivian Arend p. 77 So this is me telling tales on your girlfriend, then.

2. Thirteen Nights With Him by Lauren Blakely p. 22 Thirteen toes, actually.

3. Interview Hot Pursuit by Stuart Woods p. 255 But then, I suppose the interview was more of an argument.

4. Ghost Slow Burn by K. Bromberg p. 224 -before a ghost of a smile ...

5. Recluse Rocky Mountain Freedom by Vivian Arend p. 169 I'm getting to be a recluse.

6. Yew Blueprints by Delinsky, Barbara p10 The taller shrubs in back are Andromeda, holly, and yew.

7. Inheritance Nauti Nights by Lora Leigh p. 107 ... that Dawg's inheritance would be preserved.

8. Furnace Rocky Mountain Desire by Vivian Arend p. 55 ... so the furnace is running at high ...

9. Ladder All Fired Up by Vivian Arend and Elle Kennedy p. 224 ... placed a ladder against the far wall, ...

10. Reunion Far Harbor by JoAnn Ross p. 176 ... slow dance at family reunions ...

11. Truth Slow Burn by K. Bromberg p. 247 ... from the truth is just another way ...

12. Underground Night After Night by Lauren Blakely p. 213 ... been no signal underground, ...

13. Sister The Training by Tara Sue Me p.38 Elaina was the sister I never had.

14. Ruin The Christmas Bouquet by Sherryl Woods p. 161 Then you had to go and ruin it.

15. Spoon The Christmas Bouquet by Sherryl Woods p. 82 She spooned it into bowls.

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