Wednesday, July 1, 2015

July 2015 Mini Challenge


July 2015 Mini Challenge  link
Date: 07/01/15 - 07/31/15


It's time to celebrate July with a mini challenge! This is a combination spell/task challenge, where you choose your level of participation: spell out, task, or a combination of both.


1. July:
Read  a Series #7. Breathe with Me (With Me in Seattle, #7) by Proby, Kristen

2. 4th of July:
Read a book with red, white AND blue on the cover Falling for Jillian (Love Under the Big Sky, #3) by Proby, Kristen

3. Pecan Pie Day: 
Celebrate Pecan Pie Day (July 12th) by reading a book  a Series/TBR #1 Elias (West Bend Saints, #1) by Paige, Sabrina
4. Amelia Earhart Day:
Amelia Earhart Day is celebrated on July 22. Read a book by a female author Justice Healed (Cowboy Justice Association, #2) by Jaymes, Olivia

5. Wacky's Red, White and Blue:
Add a book to Wacky's bookshelf that has a red, white OR blue cover.
Soaring by Kristen Ashley

Spell Out 
Choose a word or phrase to spell out using the first letter of a book title or the first letter of the author's first or last name. You may choose from the list below or use something that relates to July for you.

1. Independence Day
2. Red, White, Blue
3. Family Reunion
4. Baseball Game
5. Stars and Stripes
6. Freedom
7. F Forever with Me (With Me in Seattle, #8) by Proby, Kristen
Insider (Exodus End, #1) Cunning, Olivia
Rock with Me (With Me in Seattle, #4) by Proby, Kristen
Easy Love (Boudreaux, #1) by Proby, Kristen
The Will by Kristen Ashley
Off Course (Off, #4) by Bennett, Sawyer 
Rule (Marked Men, #1) by Crownover, Jay
Come Away with Me (With Me in Seattle, #1) by Proby, Kristen
Sinners at the Altar (Sinners on Tour, #6) by Cunning, Olivia

8. Parade 

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