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August 2015 Word Search


August 2015 Word Search link
August 1, 2015 - August 31, 2015

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This month's word search is inspired by our July Group Read: Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier

Important Rule: You CANNOT use this book when looking for the words. That would be just too easy.

Below is the list of words to find. They can only be found within the text of the book - no covers, titles or authors, please. For each word you find, provide the book title, page or location, and the sentence containing the word. You can use one book to find all the words, or as many as you like. 

Optional Words: This month I have included 5 optional words that are a little harder than usual. You can choose to look for them or leave them off your's up to you. 

***And if you don't find all the words this month, you are welcome to carry them over to next month's word search challenge.*** 

Challenge Rules:
Books should be at least 125 pages. All formats are acceptable. Re-reads are fine - just be sure to re-read the entire book. When updating your challenge with books you've read, please include a link to the book title, include the author's name, and the date you finished reading the book. 

Have fun!

List of Words:

List of Words:
1. terrace [book:The Rumor|23341607] [author:Elin Hilderbrand|88301] p215 This exact bench used to grace a long terrace, ... 8/3/15/

2. the past [book:Show Me, Baby: 1001 Dark Nights|18806329] [author:Cherise Sinclair|2882485] p3 But even without the past between them 8/2/15

3. cigarette [book:The Rumor|23341607] [author:Elin Hilderbrand|88301] p173 Marijuana, booze, cigarettes— 8/3/15

4. handkerchief [book:The Rumor|23341607] [author:Elin Hilderbrand|88301] p165 Benton pulled a handkerchief out of his pocket 8/3/15

5. postcard [book:The Rumor|23341607] [author:Elin Hilderbrand|88301] p50 when I got your postcards 8/3/15

6. gossip [book:To Command and Collar|12076070] [author:Cherise Sinclair|2882485] p19 “Hurry up, or Master Z will think I was gossiping.” 8/3/15

7. companion [book:Hold Me|23258004] [author:Susan Mallery|8716] p20 Books and music were constant companions. 8/7/15

8. countryside [book:If Only|15755242] [author:Cherise Sinclair|2882485] p39 The quiet countryside had always soothed her 8/2/15

9. moonlight [book:If Only|15755242] [author:Cherise Sinclair|2882485] p19 The faint moonlight slid across her bare skin. 8/2/15

10. gloves [book:This is Who I Am|15755234] [author:Cherise Sinclair|2882485] p14 A vampire glove. 8/2/15

11. scorn [book:Belonging to the Steer Brothers|14623932] [author:Sam Crescent|4879423] p2  The couple were still scorned by most of the town-folk, even though their love shined through wherever they went. 8/27/15

12. portrait [book:The Rumor|23341607] [author:Elin Hilderbrand|88301] p8 gotten the twins’ portraits 8/3/15

13. costume [book:To Command and Collar|12076070] [author:Cherise Sinclair|2882485] p18 No, this was merely part of the costume. 8/3/15

14. inexperienced [book:Worth the Chance|18461788] [author:Vi Keeland|6887119] p8 I was young and inexperienced, but my heart told me he cared about me too. 8/27/15

15. blackmail [book:Edge of the Enforcer|17907035] [author:Cherise Sinclair|2882485] p30  Blackmail them so they’ll come after me. 8/7/15

Optional Words:
[book:Devil's Game|18693621] [author:Joanna Wylde|223343] p44 We stopped behind a giant rhododendron and peered through the leaves at the house. 8/27/15
melodrama [book:Silver Bastard|23258847] [author:Joanna Wylde|223343] p67 “Melodramatic, much?” 8/27/15


tangerine [book:Doms of Dark Haven 2: Western Nights|10531200] [author:Sierra Cartwright|1408607] p4 “I hate tangerines,” she said. 8/7/15

degradation [book:Edge of the Enforcer|17907035] [author:Cherise Sinclair|2882485] p13 Degradation stomps on a sub’s feelings of self-worth. 8/7/15

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